28th March 2021

Our last days in the Caribbean

After a few more days in Fort the France to be sure the recovery from one of the teens went as we wished for, we headed […]
24th March 2021

Treasure hunts and hospital visits

After the few late nights watching the America’s Cup ( totally worth it with New Zealand winning!! Yay 🙂 We stay a few more days around […]
15th March 2021

Setting Sail Again

We enjoy St.Maarten for another couple of days in which we sail the Minicat and get invited over to the Green Dragon for dinner. The Green […]
8th March 2021

Ships Maintanance

Our new students have been with us for a week now and have gotten nicely into the rhythm. We are still anchored in Simpson Bay where […]
4th March 2021

Sailing, Climbing, visiting Race Boats, so much to tell!

After we had stowed away all our food for the next few months we continued to get Guppy ready for cutting some waves again. Next destination, […]
23rd February 2021

Yes! Fresh fish for dinner

The entire night and morning the rain is pouring down with buckets. I had planned another swim with the turtles in the morning but everyone feels […]
16th February 2021

Turtles and uninhabited islands.

Early in the morning we set out by foot with Mike and Babs to get more provisions. We walk to the Digicel shop which is about 2km […]
11th February 2021

Into the Jungle

Wow, so many things already happened again, we are now anchored in Bequia which is a smaller island just south of St.Vinvent. But let’s back up […]
31st January 2021

The Guppy effect

The last couple of days we have been swimming, snorkeling, building the perfect swing on Guppy and a walk up to Fort Duvernette.  After having jumped […]
27th January 2021

Big Green Mountains

The last days in Barbados we moved to another anchorage, further north and more quiet than Bridgetown. After all the practice on the catamaran, two of […]
22nd January 2021

Tres Hombres, Coconuts and Island vibes

The sun is slowly setting while we are still racing around the bay on the minicat. From afar a beautiful square rigged ship is approaching the […]
19th January 2021

Another day in paradise

The days fly by, in the mornings everyone makes their schoolwork and in the afternoon we either go ashore to explore the island or have a […]
17th January 2021

Entering Paradise :)

I radioed the port frequently to see if our test results had come in, on the 15th a positive reply came back and all we had to […]
14th January 2021

Minicat sailing :)

After all the morning duties have been done ( school, baking bread, cleaning) it’s minicat time! We dig out one of my two minicats we have […]
12th January 2021

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean =D

The sun rapidly disappears below the horizon leaving the sky colored pink, red, yellow and purple. The last miles to Barbados are ticking away slowly as […]
11th January 2021

Land Ahoy! 

Around 2pm a vague blob appears on the horizon, Babs immediately blows the Horn and yells, Land Ahoy! Since then time has slowed down onboard, as […]
10th January 2021

What a day at sea looks like. 

Today has been one of those typical trade wind days. Blue ocean, blue sky, warm and sun. A squall in the evening or night and a […]
9th January 2021

Guppy rolling forward

Babs had said to call the other yacht again at night, which was possible because they were still in reach of the vhf. The whole group […]
8th January 2021

A sail on the horizon. 

Finally the trade winds have become how they should be, around 20-25knots 🙂 The waves of course have also built a little more.. During my night watch […]
6th January 2021

old school Navigation

The trade winds have really kicked in now and Guppy is peacefully rolling her way west. About 800nm to go. On dek, Annabelle and Sista are […]
5th January 2021

St. Pancake?..

A beautiful day today with plenty of sunshine which always makes me happy, because it means extra amps going into the batteries. The sea has been […]
4th January 2021

Guppy found wind

This morning we’ve finished the spinnaker boom mast car, which is great because the wind has been returning and is now back from behind. Sadly the […]
3rd January 2021

boat maintenance

Around 4am the dark clouds around Guppy finally stop shedding rain curtains over us. Most of the night the wind is very variable, so we’re very […]
2nd January 2021

Rain! Lots of it. 

We are now going through a little weather system that brings no wind, squalls and rain. Lots of it! The squalls sometimes bring some wind, so […]
1st January 2021

blowing the horn for New Year’s Eve

We celebrated New Year’s Eve at the time of our geographic location which is -2 utc. With some songs, music and of course blowing Guppy’s horn […]
31st December 2020

getting ready for new years eve 

Another cloudy but warm and lovely day. Especially as we had about 14knots of wind most of the day, so Guppy made some more progress. Now […]
30th December 2020

flying fish

The sea remains very calm so even though the wind sometimes drops, Guppy is able to continue sailing nicely. Today was spent reading, playing games and […]
29th December 2020

A very peaceful day today. 

The promised 14kn of wind came and Guppy is sailing along very smoothly on a relatively calm sea. The sun also decided to come out, so it […]
28th December 2020

2100nm of blue ahead

We got up bright and early but don’t rush to leave, I am still a strong believer that good preparation is one the biggest keys to […]
26th December 2020

Excursion on the Cape Verde

After a good full night of sleep we head back into Palmeira to clear out and try to find some fresh fruit and veggies. In the […]
22nd December 2020

Cape Verde, Ahoy! 

During the early hours of another amazingly clear warm night we start to see a few lights on the horizon and as we get closer the […]
21st December 2020

not a single cloud

For the last two days we have been sailing through a bubble of many different shades of blue. The days and nights are incredibly clear, we […]
20th December 2020

Guppy caught in a fishing line. 

With a good breeze from behind we nicely sail along at 7,5-8 knots. The waves have build a bit, so Guppy is being tossed around a […]
19th December 2020

Dolphins & Poffertjes

We leave La Gomera around 3pm while a good wind is funneling through the islands, but soon the nice wind is gone and we slowly roll […]
15th December 2020

Gran Canaria & La Gomera

It’s still dark with just the slightest tint of pink behind us as we enter through the piers of the marina from Las Palmas. It’s a […]
13th December 2020

Lava Rocks and Volcanoes

After a nice walk into the village Playa Blanca and a successful score at the car rental place we make our way back to Guppy to […]
6th December 2020

A new speed record!

After a short visit in La Coruna where our young crew has visited an old fort we jump on the next weather window and depart the […]
3rd December 2020

Warmer everyday

No longer the need for gloves and hats at night. Smooth sailing and the quality of food made by our young crew is improving every meal […]
2nd December 2020

Sailing past the portuguese coast

We had another lovely warm calm day. Periods of calm sailing with sometimes motoring in between. Reading, writing, watching dolphins and a beautiful moon rise and […]
29th November 2020

Sailing into the warmth

Written bij Guusje (16) Departure Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 The departure went like this, Laura, Sander, Leonie, Annabelle, Babs and I were awake to leave. The […]
21st November 2020

IJmuiden to Cherbourg

Written by Babs (14) Thursday:  We started sailing at 8 o’clock in the morning, because we had a weather window. After we left people came upstairs […]
16th November 2020

A bumpy ride

Written by Annabel (15) The start of our Atlantic crossing:At 11am all the participants came on board. After all family members and friends left, we had […]
11th October 2020

She has officially become a Guppy.

The last months we have been working really hard to get Guppy in good shape and ready for our Atlantic Roundtrip starting in November 2020. After […]
27th August 2020

Out on the water with the new Ship

Our upcoming Atlantic Roundtrip starting in November with a group of teenagers between 12 & 16 years old is coming closer fast, we’re not sitting idle, […]
27th April 2020

Come sail with us!

We have some exciting news!  We are incredibly grateful and happy for a yacht that has been made available for a period of time to the […]
8th January 2020

What makes a boat seaworthy?

What makes a boat seaworthy? You’re out shopping for a blue water cruising boat and people keep telling you it needs to be seaworthy, but what […]
25th December 2019

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

17th December 2019

Is a small boat much more dangerous to sail around the world’s oceans?

Is a small boat much more dangerous to sail around the world’s oceans? This is a question I have been asked many times. There is the […]
30th October 2019

Looking for a place to build GuppyXL

We still need to raise a large proportion of the required funds to build GuppyXL. We have received some generous donations from sponsors and individuals – […]
22nd August 2019

Victron Energy steps onboard as a supporter.

We are really excited to welcome a new sponsor and a partnership established with Victron Energy.  On my round the world voyage I also had Victron […]
7th August 2019

Atlantic Ocean Crossing delivery West – East.

It was just around midday when we stood in line waiting for the security check of the airport. Tim was sitting happily with Sander in the […]
26th May 2019

Laura Dekker Sailing Regatta

Besides working on the project and raising a little crawler I am also still doing motivational speeches and presentations all over the world. Even though I […]
13th May 2019

Getting some Vitamin Sea

This last year has been crazy, so much has happened yet in some ways I felt like I was standing still and not getting anywhere. I […]
30th March 2019

A new chapter in my life :)

I have heard that people go through big changes about every 7 years in their lives. I don’t know if that’s true but it did kind […]
30th March 2019

Mail conversations between LifeSail and me since Guppy’s stranding

I was sick of all the lies, twisting of the truth and the back and forth of accusations and writings of blogs. So I decided to […]
6th February 2019

BOOT Dusseldorf has been over for a while, but life continues at full speed.

BOOT Dusseldorf has been over for a while, but life continues at full speed. There has been a lot of interest in the project and I […]
1st February 2019

Mails that make me smile :)

Everyday I get lots of mail, And of course also lots of nice mails, that really make me smile. This is one of them, I remember […]
19th January 2019

Great first day on BOOT Dusseldorf

We had a great first day on BOOT Dusseldorf, lots of visitors and great talks.  Big thanks to the Handling Company & Your Identity for the […]
18th January 2019

We are ready for BOOT Dusseldorf!

After two long days of working we are very happy to present our stand at the upcoming BOOT Dusseldorf, I’m super excited to be telling all […]
24th December 2018

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! We will be sailing for Christmas this year 🙂
21st December 2018

My interview at the ZEIT wirtschaftsforum in Frankfurt

12th November 2018

A new adventure

We want to invite you to have a look into our goals and step in to become a part of it. Our goal is to have […]
9th November 2018

Getting lines into the computer.

The first steps are made.   We are officially a trust now & have been able to accept our first donations ( big thank you to […]
9th November 2018

5 tips on achieving your dreams

8th October 2018

The loss of Guppy, a deep scar that may fade but will never leave

It’s been two months since Guppy’s stranding, not a day goes by that I don’t think about her being smashed up and down on the reef […]
11th September 2018

Confirmed a total loss :'(

Picture’s from three weeks ago.. by now she is fully submerged and confirmed a total loss :'(
31st August 2018

Initial Damage Report Guppy

Initial Damage Report of Guppy’s grounding in Manihiki Isl. Based on information gathered from different sources. Vessel Particulars when leaving Whangarei Harbour May 2018 Build in […]
30th August 2018

Photo’s of Guppy’s stranding

Place of initial stranding. Guppy having been thrown further unto the reef after another squall – the place of initial stranding is drawn into the picture. […]
24th August 2018

Still no word on Guppy..

17th August 2018

Guppy stranded on a reef :(

Dear followers, This last week has most likely been one of the saddest times in my life so far. My dear Guppy, my first home, my […]
1st April 2018

Trofeo Princesa Sofia – Mallorca

To follow some of the work I’m doing in Mallorca over the next week with the Trofeo Princesa Sofia go to: Or Laura
17th March 2018

Learning as a Marine Electrician

Hello Everyone, It’s been a while since the last update, I didn’t write because for my standards I haven’t been on a crazy awesome adventure lately. […]
6th January 2018

Drawing, designing and some minicat sailing

Drawing, designing, making plans – the project is evolving Minicats ready for a sail Because I sail almost everyday I leave the minicat inflated, stored with […]
25th December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! I wish that you will get the best gift of all: The company of people you love, […]
4th December 2017

A new home for Guppy

Sometimes it’s good to let go of things and start with something new. And this is one of those moments. I’m ready to let her go, […]
6th November 2017

Den Osse

Dad up his mizzen mast, getting ready to hang in another stay: Putting boats up the yard for winter. With Dad & Spot in the forklift […]
22nd October 2017

Singlehanded on a Mini 6.50

Had the honour to sail singlehanded on a Mini 6.50 for the last week – was so much fun! 😀 Little boat – huge mast 🙂 […]
9th October 2017

Meeting old friends

Yesterday we visited an old Dutch friend I met along my circumnavigation. I had last seen him in Darwin, so 6 years ago! It so great […]
28th September 2017

Vitamin Sea

9th September 2017

Life on the famous side & Lessons I’ve learned

Life on the famous side & Lessons I’ve learned Lesson 1,The Pressure More and more often I see young people striving to be famous, posting every […]
8th September 2017

Childhood Memories

I just got back online after two beautiful weeks of sailing trough Holland, showing some family & friends my sailing life and why I love it […]
16th August 2017

Minicat Meeting Lake Como

Here are some nice video’s from our Minicat Meeting in Italy last June. Mum, dad, and I drove from Holland and spent the weekend with 50 […]
15th August 2017

Masts for the Havorn

Another super exciting thing happened last month. Havorn finally became a sailboat! Her masts are stepped! And even though it’s without booms, gafs and only thin […]
8th June 2017

A New Adventure

A new adventure Over the past years I have had many people ask me “Whats next?” – probably expecting me to start with some other adventure […]
22nd February 2017

Great Barrier Island Part I

Beautiful early morning start – Great Barier Isl. in the distance. Hiking up to Mt Hobson views from the top of Mt Hobson Kim’s game day […]
22nd February 2017

Great Barrier Island Part II

We go ashore the following day to hike to the peak of Mt Hirakimata which – with 627m – is the highest point on Great Barrier […]
20th February 2017

Family visits

Taking dad on a big hike on his birthday 🙂 Not sure if this was a great birthday present as hiking isn’t one of his favourite […]
20th February 2017

Sailing & friends

Once home again we got busy hosts – Dad and some friends from the US flew in to visit us over Christmas and New Years which […]
18th February 2017

Old old Guppy – Hurley 700

Imagine my surprise when I was checking my mails this morning and read in a newspaper article that Guppy has been sold?! It took me a […]
31st January 2017

Anna Rose delivery Photo’s

Approaching Jervis Bay. Beautiful sunset above the heads of Jervis bay. Filling up with fuel in Ulladula. Crossing a sleepy Tasman sea. found Tasmania! 🙂 On […]
31st January 2017

Anna Rose delivery part II

Along the way dad sends us weather-updates via satphone text. It’s looking like we are going to get some very gnarly weather soon. 30-40 knots of […]
18th January 2017


guadalcanal island Kids paddling around the shores in front of their villages. Big pig cooling off in a muddy pool next to the road. Not sure […]
18th January 2017

Anna Rose Delivery Part I

It’s about beginning November as the doors of the plane open and Honiara’s (Capital of the Solomon Islands) humid heat warms me instantly. I finally meet […]
3rd November 2016

Vancouver-New York-Victoria-Bellingham-Hong Kong

A lot has happened since I arrived in Portland three weeks ago. Lots of presentation requests came in while I was already in the area. I […]
2nd November 2016


View of Washington state from Victoria Going for a walk, don’t worry there are no more trains driving on these tracks. Victoria, Goldstream park Crazy growing […]
10th October 2016

Europe and Portland

So about a month ago I left New Zealand on my own for a little tour around the world, by plane this time though.I stopped in […]
27th September 2016

Me sailing Minicat

Me enjoying Minicat.
26th September 2016

Interview BNR radio ( Dutch)

Interview BNR radio (Dutch)
14th July 2016

Dog Sitting and Boat Jobs

Chantal flew back home to Germany shortly after the end of our road trip. ‘Normal’ life kicked back in for us, finding little jobs to do […]
10th July 2016

Roadtrip Part II

Roadtrip Part II We soon arrived in Stratford which is at the foot of Mt.Taranaki. Thinking that it would be fun to spent the night at […]