Minicat sailing :)

Crossed the Atlantic Ocean =D
12th January 2021
Entering Paradise :)
17th January 2021

After all the morning duties have been done ( school, baking bread, cleaning) it’s minicat time! We dig out one of my two minicats we have on board. The two bags that contain the 420 minicat are found quickly and we lay the pieces out on the foredeck. Everyone does something, from pumping up the tubes to putting the aluminium frame together. It doesn’t take long before we have the minicat floating alongside Guppy and after stepping the mast I take off with Annabelle, Babs and Guusje. One of the great things about the Caribbean is that there is always a good wind for dinghy sailing and even with four of us we come along nicely. At some stage Babs ends up in the water ( we may have had something to do with that..) I let Guusje and Annabelle show their skills at picking her up. All three of them have some previous sailing experience in little boats, so let’s see what they can do 😉 After some more exercises like capsizes, ending up under the sails and docking her back on to Guppy they do some rounds alone. The minicat is in full use with everyone taking turns all afternoon until I have to call them back because it will be dark soon. We’re all tired and hungry from the active and fun day so the dinner of pumpkin soup and pasta made by Mike is gone in no time. We spend the rest of the night together in the cockpit talking about all sorts of things in life, with the sound from little waves breaking on the beach in the background 🙂