About Laura

In 2012 Laura became the youngest person to sail solo around the world, starting her journey at just 14 years old. Nowadays she is a motivational speaker, professional captain, author, world traveller and very motivated to share her passions, dreams and life lessons with the next generation Read more
Would you also like to see this project become reality? Although we already have a great donation from the Deutsche Bank and a lot of amazing supporters, a lot more support is needed to get this off the ground. We are looking for donations and big sponsors to support this project. Head to ''how to support'' to find out what you can do to help.

Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation

  • Victron Energy steps onboard as a supporter.
    We are really excited to welcome a new sponsor and a partnership established with Victron Energy.  On my round the world voyage I also had Victron […]
  • Atlantic Ocean Crossing delivery West – East.
    It was just around midday when we stood in line waiting for the security check of the airport. Tim was sitting happily with Sander in the […]
  • Laura Dekker Sailing Regatta
    Besides working on the project and raising a little crawler I am also still doing motivational speeches and presentations all over the world. Even though I […]
  • Steve Lowman

    A beautiful idea and a great project. If anyone can make this work, it is Laura. She more than deserves the support and sponsorship, and so do all the youngsters whose lives will be so amazingly enhanced by this formative experience.

    Steve Lowman
  • Michelle Kelly

    This is the greatest idea ever!!! I never had the chance to sail a ship even though it's been my dream forever. (I grew up on the prairies). I feel a little left out, 

    Michelle Kelly
  • Carsten Steinkamper, Minicat Deutschland

    "All the best!! this truly is a wonderful and valuable project! when it happens I ´ll send my kids to experience it"

    Carsten Steinkamper, Minicat Deutschland
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