Summer Sailing

Are you between 8 and 12 years old, want to see more, do more, and try more, all with a healthy dose of adventure?

We offer summer sailing camps for kids while exploring islands. 

Do you love sailing, exploring, and going on big adventures? During our summer camp sailing trips, we have a max of 10 kids on board and explore the different islands which line the coast of the Netherlands and Germany. The distances between the islands are often just a few hours of sailing but there are also going to be a few longer exciting overnight sailing trips, do you think you can stay up that long? ;) You can join our crew on a night watch, learn all about sailing at night, navigation and the meaning of all the different lights from other ships and islands.

We explore the islands by bicycle, stroll along the beach to find all sorts of treasures, climb up a real lighthouse and visit the large gannet population of Helgoland.

Besides English, the crew also speaks Dutch and German.

Age: 8 - 12
Capacity: Up to 10 kids
Duration: 10 days

When: Departure Medemblik ( 8th of August 2024 ) - Arrival Medemblik (17th of August 2024) FULLY BOOKED

Second Sailing Camp

When: Departure Medemblik ( 23rd of August 2024 ) - Arrival Medemblik (1st of September 2024)

Where: Dutch & German Wadden Islands

Price: €970,- all inclusive

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Watch the video of the summer sailing camp of 2021 to get an impression.

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