Our Sponsors and Supporters

Without these amazing supporters we would not have been able to set this foundation up and keep it running. A huge thanks to all of them, and also the many individuals who have been helping us with donations, working hands and materials over the years. We are so grateful to all of you!

Our ''WhaleShark'' Sponsors:

Deutsche Bank

- made a big financial donations that helped with the initial refit and setup off Guppy for the foundation.

Victron Energy

- Supplied our amazing electrical installation, 4x 200Ah (24V) Lithium batteries, 8kw quattro, multiplus, lynch shunts and much much more!

Hyde Sails

- Made beautifully fitting sails for Guppy with a very much reduced price label

Our ''Dolphin'' Sponsors


- Full sponsoring of replacement for all tru hulls.

TeamOMarine Lifejackets

- Supplied us with very comfortable and safe TeamO lifejackets for everyone onboard

The Handling Company

- Makes all our marketing material like banners, flyers & the Guppy Sticker on the bow!

Your Idendity Reclame

- Designing flyers, banners, logo and basically anything that requires style, creativity and designing.

Solbian Solar

- Custom made solar panels

A+ Rigging

- Huge help with replacing the rigging, forestay furler and providing a great place for us to work on Guppy


- Supplied satellite phone

Holland Nauta

- Installation and reduced price for our schenker watermaker


- Reduced prices for wires and other electrical components

GN Espace
- New galley stove for reduced price

George (Pontius Pilatus) - supported us from the start with kind words and numerous donations.

Our ''Guppy'' Sponsors

NautiColour - Reduced price for Guppy's beautiful red colour, antifouling and other paint/polyester related endeavours.
Couperus Hydrauliek - New hydraulic hoses for engine and steering system
Neptune - New excellent matras masters cabin
Alumar/Alumeco - Aluminium to build Solar Rack and several other projects.
Stadshaven Medemblik - Lovely spot to moor Guppy in summertime with a bit of discount
"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"

We are supported by

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