Guppy World Tour

  Part 1: 10th of December 2025 until 1st of March 2026

Part 2: 9th of March 2026 until 13th of April 2026

Age: 12 - 16

up to 10 teens

All nationalities are welcome, onboard language is English although crew also speaks German and Dutch

A journey full of adventure, friendships, new cultures and sailing. -

Part 1: Europe to Caribbean - Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

10th of December 2025 - 1st of March 2026   $16.900,- NZD ( approx. €9.300,-)


This is a journey with many faces. After leaving Europe you will have a few days at sea to settle into a routine before arriving at the diverse landscapes off Porto Santo and Madeira, the journey continues along the Canary Islands. From Black Lava Rock & volcanoes to some epic mountain hikes. From the Canary Islands It’s another week at sea before a small spec of land will appear on the horizon stepping into a completely different world.



The Cape Verde lay close to Africa and the culture is as such. You will have to communicate with your hands and feet unless you speak creool, a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish & English. Both the history and culture of these islands are incredibly fascinating.

Still flabbergasted by all the new experiences we will set sail to cross the Atlantic Ocean, a three week journey that gives plenty of time for self reflection, teamwork and spending some amazing hours in the never ending blue of the ocean and sky until the islands of the Caribbean pierce our horizon.

Part 2: Caribbean Islands Adventures

9th of March 2026 - 13th of April 2026   $9.900,- NZD ( approx. €5.500,-)


Dive into the tropics!  Many of the Caribbean Islands are blessed with green lush hills and mountains that are home to thousands of amazing animal species. The Island hopping journey stands for lots of exploration. The islands you will see and the route depend on wind and weather. Let the wind be your guide and become one with nature. The diversity of these islands culture, history and geography makes everyday a new adventure.


  • Price includes everything on board like food, clearance fees, excursions and sailing gear but excludes flights and or travel costs from / to the ship.  

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