1how old do I need to be?
We offer programs for youth between 8&17 years old, look up the different voyages available to see what would suit you.
2Do I need to be able to sail?
No previous sailing experience is needed to join our programs as long as you have an idea of what a boat looks like your good to go ;)
3What about school?
We encourage you to talk to your school director or responsible department about taking your school work along with you, this way you are able to continue your schooling while exploring the world. There will be internet and possibilities for communication with your school in the periods that we are on shore. There will be no possibility to communicate with your school during the sea-days but the crew is always happy to help you with your home schooling questions.
4Can I stay in contact with my friends and family while aboard the ship?
There will NOT be any wifi or internet on board the ship, a perfect moment to start writing, reading and learning who you are without the world telling you who you should be. A perfect moment for personal conversations without distraction and learning how to navigate the world without google & google maps ;) There will be a daily blog written by a crew member or student during the entire duration of the trip for the home front to follow. In case of an emergency you will always be able to contact your family and your family you through the ships communication systems. This will always go through a crew member. While we are ashore there will be opportunities to connect to wifi and talk to your friends and family.
5How do I sign up?
Write us an e-mail showing your interest and we will provide you with all the information you need. Your parents and school will need to agree with you going on this voyage, it’s then time for a personal interview with Laura Dekker and the World Sailing Foundation Team. If you have been chosen to come onboard a spot will be reserved for you. It’s now up to you to start raising the funds for your journey.
6How much does it cost?
The costs for LDWSF programs depend on the trip you choose. Each trip has its own price tag, depending on the duration and destination(s) This includes, food and drink, taxes, transfer, excursions, harbour dues, fuel surcharge and clothing package. It does not include flights and other travel arrangements to and from the boat. Additional costs can be: purchase of a travel bag, a laptop, possibly a sailing suit and pocket money. If you register definitively, you will receive a booking confirmation from us. You pay a deposit of 30% within 14 days. The remainder must be paid one month before departure. You take care of the travel and cancellation insurance and the health insurance with world coverage.
7You are a running a trust, why do you still charge the children and teenagers who sail with you?
The cost of running these programs and a ship at this level are higher than we are actually charging. Right now we are still running losses and have put in all our own savings to keep running and provide these opportunities to children. As a trust we are not able to make a profit, so everything that comes into the trust also goes back into the trust. Everyone who works on the ship and in the team including Laura and her Partner do so on a volunteer basis. Because of all this we have already achieved that we are much cheaper ( about 40%) then similar programs :)
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