23rd March 2023

Going on an adventure

A spot on trip 4 of the Atlantic Roundtrip 21/22 has become available.Have you always dreamed of sailing into the sunset on your way to exploring […]
7th March 2023

The Green Flash

A look at the weather forecast is telling us it’s time to leave Martinique and start heading to St.Martin. A very unusual weather pattern is forming […]
17th February 2023

Guppy in the Carribean

Guppy and her young crew have arrived in the blue Caribbean waters after a lovely trip from Suriname. A bit choppy on the first day and […]
12th February 2023

Down the river

We waited for the tide to turn and help us flush down the river and out to sea – a good 30nm from Marina Resort Waterland. […]
11th February 2023

Waking up to howlers monkeys, and other jungle adventures.

After an amazing stay in Suriname, it’s already time to point Guppy’s nose out to sea again. Thank you so much Marina Resort Waterland for your […]
6th February 2023

Welcome to the Jungle

Another successful Atlantic crossing has brought us into the jungles of Suriname, where pink river dolphins greeted us and howler monkeys howl at night. The crossing […]
3rd February 2023

The In’s and Outs of Squalls

The past two days, we have been sailing in and out of squalls. After our first big rain shower, the rain didn’t stop. It rained for […]
1st February 2023

Massive Jumping Tunas

The squalls have finally closed in on us, giving us some good rain, mostly towards the end of the day after dinner. It also causes the […]
30th January 2023

Sunday, Pizza night

It feels like the trade winds have found us again, blowing away some of the heat, although the air is still humid. More importantly, the wind is […]
28th January 2023

We are moving again :)

The wind is still minimal, but we have re-hoisted the sails and are moving forward again under wind power :). Most of yesterday we floated around […]
27th January 2023


The wind has left us alone, the sea has in places turned into a mirror. The sun, standing in a blue, cloudless, .unmoving sky, casts its […]
24th January 2023

Into the endless blue

The days seem to go by faster and faster now that everyone has gotten into a good sailing rhythm and are able to enjoy life at […]
22nd January 2023

Dolphin greetings and fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner

The waves have decided to calm themselves down a bit, which has made life onboard a lot more comfortable, as we are now mostly just gently […]
20th January 2023

Underwater Stars

The start of our Atlantic Crossing has been a little bit rolly, but we have made good progress, and it’s sunny and pleasant. In the past 24 […]
16th January 2023

Sao Nicolau Island Tour

Sao Nicolau is a beautifully diverse and very different island from Sal. It has a mountainous landscape, big valleys, and cliffs. Tarrafal, the place where we anchored, […]
15th January 2023

Visiting the Cape Verde

I always love visiting the Cape Verde, the first stop outside of Europe with a distictively different culture and way of life. We arrived on the […]
7th January 2023

Dolphin Performance

Yesterday, we were surprised by a large group (at least 30) of crazy jumping dolphins! They came over to Guppy and performed some beautiful tricks and […]
5th January 2023

Tradewinds sailing

780nm to the Cape Verde. The weather is looking great for a change and we are all very grateful after all the strange weather patterns we […]
23rd December 2022

Calm Seas and Blue Skies

After our first bumpy and rainy day at sea the weather got considerably better. we have been enjoying clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and colorful […]
21st December 2022

A Taste of real sailing

The weather this year is interesting, instead of the normal steady northerlies along the Portugese coast it seems to be steady southerlies. Which is where we […]
16th December 2022

Dolphins,tacking, jibing – trip one is underway 💪🏻

Trip one of the Atlantic Roundtrip 22/23 has started 🙂 we had a lovely sail from Setubal to Cultara which is a very cute fisherman’s town […]
8th December 2022

Havørn meeting with Guppy at sea

Havørn under full sail, sailing alongside Guppy. Havørn is a modern replica of a Norwegian Fishcutter and was build entirely from scratch by my dad. 20 […]
28th November 2022

Guppy back at sea

After months of hard work, changing a bowsprit, replacing our old teak deck and thousands of other little things it’s time for Guppy and us to […]
10th October 2022

Brand new Treadmaster on deck =D

Yay! Finished putting tread-master on our lower deck. We are now getting into final preparations before heading south again to pick up a new group of […]
16th September 2022

Upcoming Voyages

12th August 2022

Guppy at Waterweken Medemblik

Meet and greet with Guppy and her crew at the #westfriesewaterweken Medemblik.12th – 14th of August Guppy will be moored in the Oosterhaven.
11th August 2022

Night sailing to Helgoland

From Terschelling we set sail to Vlieland, a short sail and lovely sail of 2 hours. The harbour is very full but the harbour master still […]
4th August 2022

A new group of Guppies – and new sailing adventures :)

The rain is ticking on deck – I always love the sound of rain on deck and sitting comfortably below.  It’s steamy inside and busy with […]
2nd June 2022

Europe Trip 2022

New Adventures are awaiting This summer we will do another 10 day Europe Trip for kids between 8 & 12 years old – Packed full of […]
23rd May 2022

Atlantic Roundtrip 21/22 offical end – New trips on the agenda =D

After 6 months of sailing and more then 10,000nm Guppy gets a little rest. All of our students made their way back home over the past […]
10th May 2022

Arrival into Medemblik and Ceremony

Wow what a beautiful arrival and ceremony we had and amazing memories made again on this years voyage. Thank you for everyone who made this possible, […]
8th May 2022

Can’t believe our second Atlantic Roundtrip is almost over already!

The last week of our second Atlantic Roundtrip already! We have arrived in the Netherlands and are making our way to Medemblik through Amsterdam over the […]
8th May 2022

Happy Mothers Day

Just went into my cabin after a long day sailing and found this – being a mommy is the biggest gift I’ve been given and I […]
2nd May 2022

Where birds are reflected in the water

After a good night of sleep we get up around 7 am to leave Cherbourg with the outgoing tide. It’s another cold day, but for a […]
30th April 2022

Cold water and long warm showers

By the morning of the 29th, we have land in sight! The North-Eastern wind is cold on our faces, making our noses run as we look […]
28th April 2022

Visit from a Swallow

Sander didn’t end up getting any sun for his birthday, but we did have a very yummy cake and pancakes for dinner =DAnd also a little […]
26th April 2022

Happy Birthday, Sander =D

We enjoyed another beautiful day of sailing on Monday – good winds, sun, and low waves – it really doesn’t get much better than that. Dolphins […]
24th April 2022

Calm seas & dolphins tales

By Friday night the winds already started to decrease and the waves slowly followed suit, making for quite a pleasant night with good speeds. But as […]
22nd April 2022

Bye-bye land of the whales and green hills

We are back at sea again and on our way to the English channel. Yesterday was a beautiful day as we sailed past some of the […]
18th April 2022

Visiting a race boat & hiking on Faial.

12th April 2022

Arrival into the Azores

Our last two days at sea were much friendlier and calmer, the waves and wind finally decided to calm down a bit and we enjoyed a […]
10th April 2022

dumping wave roulette

The weather has slowly been getting friendlier and even though the waves are still high they are slowly getting longer and turning into swell. The sun […]
8th April 2022

halfway chocolate cake with ice cream celebration :)

Yesterday we passed our halfway mark, which means we’re actually getting closer to land again. To celebrate this milestone we made a delicious chocolate cake with […]
6th April 2022

On top of the world

Our days have continued to alternate between beautiful sunny days and rain – although today the rain is just small squalls and even blue patches and […]
4th April 2022

The wind can’t make up its mind and a rain flattened sea

So far our days have been alternating between dry, sunny, and lovely or lots and lots of rain. We had a lovely quiet day yesterday with […]
3rd April 2022

From the perfect blue to 50 shades of grey.

We’ve left the crystal clear blue waters of Bermuda and are now officially on our way back to Europe with the Azores as our next stop. […]
1st April 2022

Crystal Caves

We’ve made the most of our visit to Bermuda, We visited the crystal caves which are very old and absolutely stunning! We toured the island by […]
28th March 2022

Bermuda Arrival

Yesterday evening as we were enjoying our pasta casserole dinner in the cockpit the sky on the horizon turned steadily darker and the cockpit became gradually […]
26th March 2022

Bermuda here we come

The wind has continued to be kind to us. It slowly turned to downwind and by now we have gybed. Sailing wing on wing with the […]
24th March 2022

Fast sailing, 204nm in 24hours!

We have set off again, heading north this time – away from the Caribbean islands and back into the Atlantic Ocean.We’re heading for Bermuda, keeping a […]
22nd March 2022

Fast minicat sailing and Capsizing in Carribean water

After a few days of preparation for our next ocean crossing like rigging check, groceries, stowing things away, paperwork…. – Today we’ve been enjoying sailing our […]
18th March 2022

Fort Shirley / Cabrits National Park

We love Dominica. visited Fort Shirley and it’s surroundings, also known as Cabrits national park ( because the sailors imported goats here to have good meat […]
11th March 2022

Indian River & creating animals of Palm Leaves

Dominica wouldn’t be so lush and green if it wouldn’t rain so much, luckily for us tho it seems to rain most in the mornings which […]
9th March 2022

Into the rainforest of Dominica

We’ve been exploring the wonders of Dominica – last time I was here is already 12 years ago but the hospitality of the lovely people here […]
2nd March 2022

The Baths – big boulder adventure in the BVI

While the teens work on their schoolwork in the mornings we get Guppy ready to leave for new islands and places to explore in the BVI. […]
2nd March 2022

Cave exploring & snorkeling

Snorkelling in caves and exploring lots of new islands – some even completely uninhabited! P We’re sailing in the British Virgin Islands
22nd February 2022

Young Guppy Crew crossing the Atlantic Ocean, False Orcas & Whales Ahoy! – Atlantic 21/22 Part 1

21st February 2022

Guppy girls giving presentation at the Royal BVI Yacht Club

We’ve had a fabulous few days in Nanny Cay Marina. On Friday night there was a movie night at the Royal BVI Yacht Club showing Maidentrip, […]
15th February 2022

Swimming Barrels to the Tres Hombres and waterfall Martinique

3rd February 2022

Waterfalls, beautiful bays and re-stocking food supplies.

We enjoyed the beautiful bay of Wallilabou for a few days, every day some locals come by in wooden boats with fresh fruits and sometimes homemade […]
2nd February 2022

Our music video =D

We just had so much fun filming this and also making the music for the video, filmed on Mayreau beach.
23rd January 2022

Exploring the Tobago Keys paradise & Palm hats

We stayed for a few days in Bequia, walking around the cute little town & having a campfire and barbecue on the beach with baked potatoes […]
21st January 2022

10 year anniversary of my circumnavigation

Exactly 10 years ago I sailed my ‘’little Guppy’’, a beautiful 40ft bright red ketch, through the bridge in St.Maarten, The bridge and St.Maarten yacht club […]
13th January 2022

Caribbean Sailing & water skiing

Wow, time flies by fast when you’re having fun! After we got our mainsail back on our fixed boom and Guppy ready for sailing again we […]
5th January 2022

Fixing the boom, Minicat sailing, and island exploring.

New year’s eve was spent playing hide and seek with the teens, eating cake and other yummy things, playing games, and finally having a dive into […]
31st December 2021

Hello St.Martin & Happy New Year to Everyone!

As I got out for my early morning watch taking over from Sander I peered over the horizon as usual and spotted the shapes of landmasses […]
29th December 2021

Only 160nm to go to Sint Maarten

Yesterday was another beautifully sunny day with little wind, but most of the day we were able to move under sail 🙂 It’s so much nicer […]
27th December 2021

A lazy day

The wind has left, after all, we knew that would come, and even so, it’s always a bit sad to see it go… what remains is […]
25th December 2021

Merry Christmas from the Atlantic Ocean

The weather is a little squally and overcast, our young crews bright red Christmas hats and big smiles stand out in the grey/blue that is surrounding […]
23rd December 2021

Guppy’s Christmas Bakery

We still have wind, a little patchy, and lots of squalls today, but we’re moving along nicely. Yesterday I got out my sextant again and did […]
21st December 2021

Red sky at night, sailors delight

My hope for having found the trade winds receded a bit as it hasn’t picked up to its usual speed. The wind is still only varying […]
19th December 2021

Into the trade winds

After another full day of light winds and squalls, the wind slowly steadied out. The squalls also brought a fair bit of rain this time, rather […]
17th December 2021

Whales, Dolphins, Fish & 1980nm ahead.

So far we have had an amazing start to our Atlantic crossing, well that is after we finally managed to get our anchor up…We heard a […]
15th December 2021

Islands of the Cape Verde

Today, the 11th of December, we started the day with our schoolwork after Sander woke us up with the pots and pans because we all have […]
11th December 2021

Big Flying Fish and colourful houses

The wind continues at a steady northerly swaying between 15 and 20 knots so Guppy is keeping good speed. In the last two days the flying […]
8th December 2021

Fresh fish for dinner

The squalls continue to pester us as can be seen by our track which became ever more interesting with the changing wind directions and speeds. It […]
7th December 2021

Cape Verde here we come

I love mornings but this particular morning was really beautiful. The high cliffs of Valle Gran Rey watched over us as Guppy gently swayed at her […]
5th December 2021

Our last days in the Canary Islands.

We had a fast passage to Las Palmas, leaving Lanzarote at around 4:30am. The wind was strong so Guppy powered along. We arrived in Las Palmas […]
29th November 2021

Lanzarote, land of volcanoes

It’s off to an early start today as we want to be able to see as much as possible of the island while we’ve got the […]
26th November 2021

Porto Santo – Lanzarote

After a lovely time on Porto Santo, it is time to move on, there has been a bit of a strange weather pattern creating southerly winds […]
20th November 2021

From rocky dry countryside into cedar forests.

Our first crossing with the young Guppy crew already behind, how time flies. It was a lovely crossing with good winds and therefore fast, it took […]
17th November 2021

Setting sail to Porto Santo

On Monday night it was finally time to hoist the anchor and set sail for the first time with our new teen group. There has been […]
3rd October 2021

Video – Fast Sailing to Azores and Europe Mainland

12th September 2021

Video – Part 4 Atlantic Roundtrip 20/21

Atlantic Roundtrip 2020/2021: Part 4. We’re going back to Martinique and stay long enough this time to really get to know this beautiful island full of […]
2nd September 2021

360nm, 4 islands, 2 mainland places

What a great Europe Trip we have had! Sailed 360nm visited 4 islands and 2 mainland places, had one birthday and saw several seals on the […]
19th August 2021


We wake to the birds song and wind rustling through the rigging of all the ships in the harbour. It’s Sunday today and besides some of […]
15th August 2021

Biking Adventure and sailing along the waddensea.

At 8.30 sharp we all stood in front of the bike rental to collect our bikes for the day. After we had collected our bikes we […]
12th August 2021

Start of Europe Trip 2021

After days of rain and clouds this morning, the cockpit is filled with bright sunshine and blue skies above. Today we have a new group of […]
14th May 2021

Photo’s of our arrival. The end of an amazing journey.

6th May 2021

Last miles of an amazing adventure

The wind continues to pick up, Guppy is flying now, regularly seeing 11-12knots on the GPS. We’re also lucky to have the current with us while […]
4th May 2021

Satellite train…

The wind continues to be light for another day. We see more phosphor and also a lot more dolphins. The skies are clear and we see […]
2nd May 2021

Magical encounter

During the night we start seeing lights on the horizon. They belong to windmills and small towns on the Costa del Norte, the Spanish mainland. Around […]
30th April 2021

Sun and green soup…

On Wednesday Florian got inspired by the cold weather to make a very traditional Dutch winter soup consisting of peas, onions, carrot, and some other healthy […]
28th April 2021

Lazy dolphins under a gray sky

Not much change in the weather, alto today was the first day we actually saw some color in the sky during sunrise. There are a lot […]
26th April 2021

Happy birthday :)

I take another look at the weather, sigh… it’s still not looking great. Lots of headwinds in the prediction, and it does not seem to change anytime […]
23rd April 2021

A hike around the Caldeira and time for the Guppy Games

Our time in Horta has been extended a bit because of a nasty weather system that is coming over and I rather wanted to wait out […]
17th April 2021

A meeting between Guppy and the Johann Smidt (previous Eendracht)

Guppy is rounding the south side of Faial around 5 pm on the 13th of April. We’re being directed to a quarantine dock on which we […]
14th April 2021

Pictures of our crossing

We arrived in the Azores 🙂 Here are some pictures of our crossing. Overall it was a really good crossing. The weather definitely kept us busy […]
13th April 2021

Azores, land ahoy!

It’s 6 am, I am sitting in the cockpit watching a big golden fireball rise above the horizon. It’s casting a beautiful golden glow on the […]
11th April 2021

Getting colder and a slippery floor

The weather has calmed down considerably. No more lightning at night, and just a few squalls with max 40kn of wind. Guppy is sailing along really […]