22nd August 2019

Victron Energy steps onboard as a supporter.

We are really excited to welcome a new sponsor and a partnership established with Victron Energy.  On my round the world voyage I also had Victron […]
7th August 2019

Atlantic Ocean Crossing delivery West – East.

It was just around midday when we stood in line waiting for the security check of the airport. Tim was sitting happily with Sander in the […]
26th May 2019

Laura Dekker Sailing Regatta

Besides working on the project and raising a little crawler I am also still doing motivational speeches and presentations all over the world. Even though I […]
13th May 2019

Getting some Vitamin Sea

This last year has been crazy, so much has happened yet in some ways I felt like I was standing still and not getting anywhere. I […]
30th March 2019

A new chapter in my life :)

I have heard that people go through big changes about every 7 years in their lives. I don’t know if that’s true but it did kind […]
6th February 2019

BOOT Dusseldorf has been over for a while, but life continues at full speed.

BOOT Dusseldorf has been over for a while, but life continues at full speed. There has been a lot of interest in the project and I […]
1st February 2019

Mails that make me smile :)

Everyday I get lots of mail, And of course also lots of nice mails, that really make me smile. This is one of them, I remember […]
19th January 2019

Great first day on BOOT Dusseldorf

We had a great first day on BOOT Dusseldorf, lots of visitors and great talks.  Big thanks to the Handling Company & Your Identity for the […]
18th January 2019

We are ready for BOOT Dusseldorf!

After two long days of working we are very happy to present our stand at the upcoming BOOT Dusseldorf, I’m super excited to be telling all […]