dumping wave roulette

halfway chocolate cake with ice cream celebration :)
8th April 2022
Arrival into the Azores
12th April 2022

The weather has slowly been getting friendlier and even though the waves are still high they are slowly getting longer and turning into swell. The sun has also been making a much more frequent appearance which is very welcome as the northerly winds are rather cold 😛 Yesterday the waves decided to play a new game, instead of just washing over deck regularly there wouldn’t be anything for 1 or even 2 hours at the time and then out of the blue, a massive wave would just jump right on top of us, leaving us completely drenched. By now everyone has been so unfortunate as to have been washed around the cockpit by a dumping wave but of course, some are always more unlucky than others 😉 I’m super proud of our teen group, they haven’t complained a bit about the crappy weather except for the hassle of having to put on so many layers of clothing haha. Too used to Caribbean sailing 😛 They’ve bravely soldiered on doing their tasks, sitting on watch with us, helping with sail changes, and generally keeping up a very positive attitude – even when cold and wet which is really awesome. Meanwhile, Guppy is been making good progress over the last few days and now there is only 350nm left to go to Horta. Just another 2 days depending on what else the weather has in thought for us 🙂