halfway chocolate cake with ice cream celebration :)

On top of the world
6th April 2022
dumping wave roulette
10th April 2022

Yesterday we passed our halfway mark, which means we’re actually getting closer to land again. To celebrate this milestone we made a delicious chocolate cake with ice cream and ate it all together while sitting in the cockpit under a watery sun. As the day progressed the winds got stronger and the waves higher. Another front is passing over Guppy. More rain but also a fair bit more wind this time. This passage has been such a jumble of different weather patterns that the teens are getting a nice spectrum of all the different faces of the ocean in a short time. I’m not too excited about that anymore but it is an interesting experience non the less. Last night was quite rough, we had some waves crashing over Guppy and sometimes we did 14knots of boat speed just on the inner staysail which says something about the wind speed 😉
But this morning was one of the most beautiful mornings in the whole passage. With the sea in its wild state, the breaking waves leave white and bubbling turquoise streaks behind in the ocean. It was overcast but with clear patches and as the sun rose it cast beautiful rays of sun through it. At some stage the sunbeams hit Guppy making her glow gold in a golden sea. The most beautiful part was the sea spray that flew from Guppy’s bow as we plunged through the waves. The tiny droplets appeared like gold and would fly away sideways over the wave tops until reuniting with their fellow H2o molecules 😛