The Crew

Board Members

Laura Dekker - founder & captain

Having only lived one year of her life in a house, Laura’s first nature are boats and water. At the age of 14 she set off on a journey to sail solo around the world, which she successfully completed at age 16 making her the youngest person to ever complete such a voyage. Besides the ocean and sailing Laura loves sharing her experiences and passions especially with the new generation. She welcomes new challenges openly and jumps on any adventure (land or sea based) she can get. In her quiet time Laura enjoys reading, playing the guitar and her beloved violin which she has dragged around the world several times.


Mr Peter A. de Lange - secretary, lawyer / partner Vos & De Lange Lawyers

Peter has been working as a lawyer and advisor for over 30 years in the most diverse legal areas and with complex problems. Peter also performs the role of advisor and supervisor in various other positions, both legally and commercially and non-profit.

Peter likes to support initiatives that offer opportunities and openings. The foundation is a fantastic example of this.

Sander Vogelenzang, Sailor, Boat builder

Aged 11 Sander decided he wanted to have a mini 6.50. A little boat, but very fast and seaworthy making them extremely expensive. Nevertheless this didn't stop him, with 17  the drawings for his own boat  were ready and he successfully build his own prototype mini 6.50.  Now he works as a professional boat builder, sails as much as possible and of course still loves to jump on every big challenge that comes along.

Advisory Board

Peter de Lange
lawyer, legal advisor
Dick Dekker
boat builder, technical advisor
Petra Simons
Marketing & strategic planning advisor
Sam Simons
Business advisor

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