Arrival into the Azores

dumping wave roulette
10th April 2022
Visiting a race boat & hiking on Faial.
18th April 2022

Our last two days at sea were much friendlier and calmer, the waves and wind finally decided to calm down a bit and we enjoyed a beautiful calm night. The nights were clear and the moon lit the sea around us. There was a big Halo around the moon and during the day a colorful Halo around the sun which was pretty cool to see. On our last morning at sea, we were accompanied by dolphins, they swam around Guppy’s bow for hours until we got distracted by the sight of a small dark line on the horizon which steadily grew and turned into green hills, steep cliffs, and white houses with red roofs. We made it into port around 2pm and so we still had enough time to do our clearance procedures and stretch our legs a bit before starting to desalt Guppy and our foul weather gear.  We’re all looking forward to a whole night’s sleep and then of course to go ashore more and showing our group the Azores 


Setting sail while leaving Bermuda in our wake
Splash =D
Halfway Chocolate Cake =D
Land Ahoy
Rinsing our sailing gear