Happy Birthday, Sander =D

Calm seas & dolphins tales
24th April 2022
Visit from a Swallow
28th April 2022

We enjoyed another beautiful day of sailing on Monday – good winds, sun, and low waves – it really doesn’t get much better than that. Dolphins would show up every now and then on their way somewhere or hunting a group of fish. It always amazes me how much more sea-life we see around Portugal and the Bay of Biscay compared to the rest of the places we sail. Sadly we have also been seeing a lot of trash floating around, already from about halfway to the Azores. Today has been rainy and the wind has been very patchy keeping us busy with lots of sail changes. It’s also Sanders Birthday today =D which does mean we expected the weather to just do something annoying… The past 4 birthdays with Sander have always been while we were sailing somewhere and either we had crappy weather or the one time we had sun we were plagued by flies – about 30nm from shore!
But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a cheery mood on board 🙂 The sea is still pretty calm and inside it’s dry and cozy, the girls are working on a yummy birthday cake to enjoy later today and the boys are planning a nice dinner for tonight – and maybe just maybe the sun will make a little appearance as well 😉