1st January 2013

Happy New Year!

To everyone, the very best wishes for 2013! This New Year’s was a bit different from last year. I did spend it on a yacht again, […]
20th January 2013

Back on Guppy and sailing again

After a week on the farm, poor Guppy wanted to see me again. After all, I had only spent one day with her after the trip […]
7th March 2013

A haul out for Guppy because of Fanworm..

Because of the Fanworm feeling a bit to well on Guppy’s hull I had to take the boat out of the water, which I could only […]
10th May 2013

A Stormy Cape Reinga & Sailing Adventures

On the way from Auckland, the rain started pounding against the windscreen. ‘Welcome back to Whangarei,’ I thought while driving on familiar roads again. The weather […]
9th July 2013

West Coast Australia

Just realized that my last blog is already a while ago and so many exciting things have been happening since. I was back on Guppy for […]
15th August 2013

Sailing in Phang nga bay & hitch hiking to Bangkok.

We had five marvelous days on Sweet Robin, the Jeanneau we borrowed from new made friends in Phuket. After checking everything on the boat and doing […]