Laura 2011 – 2020

6th February 2012

Sailed to Bonaire

A quick update after sailing into Sint Maarten, 366 days after I saw it disappearing behind the horizon. It was really nice to spend some time […]
15th February 2012

Starting to make a book from diary

I’m already in Bonaire for a while now. But time is flying, I’m really busy trying to make something out of my diary’s that I can […]
1st March 2012

A little break from writing

Thanks a lot for all the title suggestions for my book. In the meantime I’ve made my decision and will let everyone know when I’m at […]
19th March 2012

Into the cold air of Europe

I’ve already been fourteen days in what is for me still really cold Holland. But in these fourteen days, I haven’t exactly been sitting still. The […]
9th April 2012

I’m back on Guppy, but it wasn’t easy!

After doing my last interview in the Canary Islands for a German tv-show, I finally returned to Guppy. My return didn’t go as smoothly as planned. […]
13th April 2012

Setting sail again

The last few days I’ve been busy getting Guppy ready for the next trip, going to the San Blas again. I have been checking the rigging […]
17th April 2012

Sailing with a crew member

Everything is going very well since I left Bonaire last Saturday. The first day we didn’t have much wind so that was a good start for […]
20th April 2012

Being chased by lightning and thunder

Yesterday morning we arrived in the San Blas Islands. The last two days to the San Blas we had little wind and the speed was going […]
26th April 2012

Pictures Bonaire – San Blas

San Blas Islands. Baking pancakes on a friends yacht San Blas Islands, amazing sunset Bruno playing the Ukulele