Laura 2011 – 2020

17th March 2018

Learning as a Marine Electrician

Hello Everyone, It’s been a while since the last update, I didn’t write because for my standards I haven’t been on a crazy awesome adventure lately. […]
1st April 2018

Trofeo Princesa Sofia – Mallorca

To follow some of the work I’m doing in Mallorca over the next week with the Trofeo Princesa Sofia go to: Or Laura
17th August 2018

Guppy stranded on a reef :(

Dear followers, This last week has most likely been one of the saddest times in my life so far. My dear Guppy, my first home, my […]
24th August 2018

Still no word on Guppy..

30th August 2018

Photo’s of Guppy’s stranding

Place of initial stranding. Guppy having been thrown further unto the reef after another squall – the place of initial stranding is drawn into the picture. […]
31st August 2018

Initial Damage Report Guppy

Initial Damage Report of Guppy’s grounding in Manihiki Isl. Based on information gathered from different sources. Vessel Particulars when leaving Whangarei Harbour May 2018 Build in […]
11th September 2018

Confirmed a total loss :'(

Picture’s from three weeks ago.. by now she is fully submerged and confirmed a total loss :'(
8th October 2018

The loss of Guppy, a deep scar that may fade but will never leave

It’s been two months since Guppy’s stranding, not a day goes by that I don’t think about her being smashed up and down on the reef […]
9th November 2018

5 tips on achieving your dreams