Laura 2011 – 2020

16th October 2012

Meeting with Tania Aebi!

I have arrived safely back in Auckland after a great time in New York. One big highlight of the last two weeks in the states was […]
23rd October 2012

Coastal Classic race

I am finally back on my beloved Guppy, after more than one month away from her. The Coastal Classic turned out to be a good sailing […]
4th November 2012

More Sail races & moving to Auckland

Exciting news! I am moving to Auckland next week. Guppy will have a great berth right in the middle of the city at the Maritime Museum, […]
13th November 2012

Sailing down to Auckland

Since yesterday, Guppy and I have been moored at the Maritime Museum in Auckland. There is a little swell here in the harbor which is not […]
26th November 2012

Auckland Life

Living on Guppy in the Maritime Museum has been great. It can be a bit rolly at times with the passing ferries, and noisy on the […]
27th November 2012

First place in Classic yacht race

We got in first in the classic yacht race in Auckland, Sailing on the beautifully restored Waitangi.  First place!
8th December 2012

Challenger of the year Award in Tokyo

9th December 2012

From Tokyo to Germany and in between.

I’ve been traveling all over the world again, but this time by plane, leaving Guppy on her own at the Maritime Museum where she will be […]
14th December 2012

Recent Interviews

Germany Film: Film: Menschen Bilder Emotionen 2012   Introduced 1:53 to 3:40. The interview starts at 25:04. Tokio TV Interview