Laura 2011 – 2020

21st May 2012

First day Shaul is not terribly seasick :D

Things are a whole lot better over here now. The annoying crosswavescalmed down and so did the wind. So we’re sailing full main, mizzen,genoa, and jib […]
22nd May 2012

Hammerheads and hungry cats

It just got light out and we have about 110 miles to go. We made suchgood progress the last few days it’s unbelievable, and we’re stilldoing […]
23rd May 2012

Finally arrived in San Cristobal

Crossing the equator was fun. We had awesome weather and good winds.It’s already the fourth time I’ve crossed the line. Of course I madepancakes again and […]
24th May 2012

A visit from Mr. Sealion

So far I really like the Island of San Cristobal. It’s quieter than Santa Cruz last year. There are fewer boats and the town looks really nice. […]
25th May 2012

Photo’s from Panama – Galapagos Crossing

He could smile sometimes ( although it wasn’t a lot) Big Dolphins! We had headwinds most of the trip It’s certainly a lot messier with three […]
27th May 2012

Sea lions everywhere!

We enjoy sitting on the beach with the sea lions, but trying to keep them off Guppy and out of the dinghy–well, that’s not really so […]
29th May 2012

Our dinghy got stolen, but we found it back!

The dinghy got stolen last night by one of the locals who asked $300to give it back again the next morning! We of course didn’t pay, […]
2nd June 2012

Next stop: Hiva Oa

Our last evening in San Cristobal, we had a nice dinner aboard ourneighbor boat Donna with Kris and then pulled up the anchor and setsail towards […]
4th June 2012

Saw a whale!

I totally forgot to mention that we saw a whale the first day out! Itwas not as close as the one in South Africa, so that […]