Laura 2011 – 2020

7th March 2013

A haul out for Guppy because of Fanworm..

Because of the Fanworm feeling a bit to well on Guppy’s hull I had to take the boat out of the water, which I could only […]
24th March 2013

New Zealand Road trip

Life’s been quite adventure’s since the last update. I decided to go traveling a bit and explore New Zealand on wheels. So once the Fanworm problem […]
18th April 2013

South Island New Zealand.

Well I haven’t been writing much, but a lot happened since the last blog. I’m back in civilization again, after spending a while traveling in places […]
2nd May 2013

How getting stuck on the beach leads to discovering forgotten Hippie villages.

We spent a whole day cleaning and repacking ‘Joy’. We washed, cleaned, and made a For Sale sign for ‘Marta,” my girlfriend’s car which we left […]
10th May 2013

A Stormy Cape Reinga & Sailing Adventures

On the way from Auckland, the rain started pounding against the windscreen. ‘Welcome back to Whangarei,’ I thought while driving on familiar roads again. The weather […]
21st May 2013

My book ”Een Meisje, Een Droom” is out! :D

I’m very proud to announce that my book ‘A girl a dream’ will be published tomorrow, sadly only in Dutch so far. ‘A girl a dream’ […]
17th June 2013

Being sandblasted in the Sahara and more..

The past three weeks I’ve been in Morocco for a Dutch tv game programme wich will be on television from August. For a change it had […]
9th July 2013

West Coast Australia

Just realized that my last blog is already a while ago and so many exciting things have been happening since. I was back on Guppy for […]
21st July 2013

Arrived in: Thailand

We arrived in Phuket, Thailand safely – after an unexpected layover in Singapore. We had booked the 8 o’clock morning flight from Singapore to Phuket, which […]