Atlantic Trip 21/22

17th November 2021

Setting sail to Porto Santo

On Monday night it was finally time to hoist the anchor and set sail for the first time with our new teen group. There has been […]
20th November 2021

From rocky dry countryside into cedar forests.

Our first crossing with the young Guppy crew already behind, how time flies. It was a lovely crossing with good winds and therefore fast, it took […]
26th November 2021

Porto Santo – Lanzarote

After a lovely time on Porto Santo, it is time to move on, there has been a bit of a strange weather pattern creating southerly winds […]
29th November 2021

Lanzarote, land of volcanoes

It’s off to an early start today as we want to be able to see as much as possible of the island while we’ve got the […]
5th December 2021

Our last days in the Canary Islands.

We had a fast passage to Las Palmas, leaving Lanzarote at around 4:30am. The wind was strong so Guppy powered along. We arrived in Las Palmas […]
7th December 2021

Cape Verde here we come

I love mornings but this particular morning was really beautiful. The high cliffs of Valle Gran Rey watched over us as Guppy gently swayed at her […]
8th December 2021

Fresh fish for dinner

The squalls continue to pester us as can be seen by our track which became ever more interesting with the changing wind directions and speeds. It […]
11th December 2021

Big Flying Fish and colourful houses

The wind continues at a steady northerly swaying between 15 and 20 knots so Guppy is keeping good speed. In the last two days the flying […]
15th December 2021

Islands of the Cape Verde

Today, the 11th of December, we started the day with our schoolwork after Sander woke us up with the pots and pans because we all have […]