From rocky dry countryside into cedar forests.

Setting sail to Porto Santo
17th November 2021
Porto Santo – Lanzarote
26th November 2021

Our first crossing with the young Guppy crew already behind, how time flies. It was a lovely crossing with good winds and therefore fast, it took us two and a half days to cover the 480nm to Porto Santo. Although we did have a high swell from a different direction than the wind so it was a little rough at times which is great to get everyone used to the ship’s movements out at sea 😉 

After we had done our formalities in Porto Santo we were allowed ashore and go exploring. At first sight, it seems a bit like a bare rocky island with not much to see but how wrong that first impression is! Yes, there is a lot of rock.. But in such amazing colors and formations making us stare in wonder at every corner. So far we have done two smaller hikes, doing schoolwork in the mornings and leaving early for an afternoon of exploring. Yesterday we went along the coast and today we ventured to the other side of the island to climb Pico Branco. A very lovely hike with a very stunning difference in the landscape. The hike starts out in the dry rocky landscape that we can also see from the boat. With amazing rock formations and some smaller shrubs, but once over the crest and to the other side we suddenly ventured into a cedar forest which just smelled amazing! The view from the top was absolutely worth every drop of sweat 😉 Once back onboard we all went for a well-deserved swim and soaked up some of the last sun rays that fell onto Guppy’s deck before doing some cleaning and today’s cooking crew starting on dinner. 


On our way to Porto Santo
Cooking gets a lot more interesting a moving ship 😉
We bake fresh bread every day
Land Ahoy!
Anchored in Porto Santo
Coastal Hike
The rock formation are amazing
Our lunch and dinner spot
Hike to Pico Branco
And suddenly we’re in a cedar forest
view from the top, absolutely stunning!
A well deserved swim after our hike