Cape Verde here we come

Our last days in the Canary Islands.
5th December 2021
Fresh fish for dinner
8th December 2021

I love mornings but this particular morning was really beautiful. The high cliffs of Valle Gran Rey watched over us as Guppy gently swayed at her anchor in the deep blue water while birds chirped around us. Slowly everyone started to wake up and we slowly consigned ourselves to the fact that we had to leave this beautiful place sometime today and start our journey to Cape Verde. A journey of 750nm – the longest so far on this journey for our young crew. For hours we still sailed in the wind shadow of the islands, enjoying the sunshine and spotting various kinds of sea-life. Sander caught a Tuna! But it was really small so we let it go, a big group of dolphins came and played around Guppy’s bow – but to top it off a group of False Killer Whales quietly swam past! A very rare sight, in fact, I had never seen them before so we were all rather excited. The day continued to be beautiful, the wind came and Guppy charged along at 9kn, the following day we’re still up to good speeds but the sky has turned cloudy and the waves build a little. Later in the day, we did get to see the sun for a little while though, but right now we seem to be being pestered by some squalls causing shifty and light winds – so lots of work with the sails – luckily we have a good young crew to help. 🙂