Big Flying Fish and colourful houses

Fresh fish for dinner
8th December 2021
Islands of the Cape Verde
15th December 2021

The wind continues at a steady northerly swaying between 15 and 20 knots so Guppy is keeping good speed. In the last two days the flying fish have become abundant. Big flying fish speed away all around us as Guppy’s bow plunges through the waves. At night with the half moon and many stars the Flying Fish are still being hunted but not always able to see or avoid Guppy. The consequence is that some of us are almost being slapped in the face by a flying fish and then trying to get their wild wriggly and slippery little bodies back in the ocean. It’s possible to eat flying fish but the amount of work for the amount of meat is pretty much not worth it – even with the big ones, so we try to throw them back as they land onboard. Which of course we don’t always see and a few unlucky ones get sea-graves when we find them in daylight. We arrived in the Anchorage of Palmeira on the evening of the 9th. 4.5 days after leaving Valle Gran Rey in La Gomera. It’s a reasonably straightforward and easy anchorage but even at this hour ( 9pm) there are locals ready in a little fishing boat to guide you to an anchor spot and tell you the up to date check in procedures – for a small fee of course 😉  These check in procedures aren’t complicated but sure take forever! The rules recently changed and they now want everyone to do an antigen test, however with all of the boats that arrived recently they seem a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to transport everyone to the health center. So we are sent back to the boats to wait for further information. Which came late afternoon on Friday when the doctor had gotten permission to do the tests onboard the boats 🙂 Rather convenient for us. We easily filled the waiting time onboard with schoolwork, setting up our Christmas tree, decorating Guppy, swimming, playing music and cleaning up a bit after our passage. This morning I cleared customs and immigration, so we’re now allowed ashore =D We can’t wait to explore the Cape Verde Islands and Culture. 


Leaving La Gomera – Valle Gran Rey
Hoisting the sails
Sea Life Spotting
False Killer Whale
preparing dinner
Mahi Mahi for dinner
Flying Fish everywhere
Getting in the Christmas spirit