Miscellaneous/Boat Work

15th March 2014

Hurricane Luci & Yard work

Cutting onions can be an emotional job, but there are good solutions available 🙂  Cleaning Guppy’s winches. Hurricane Luci passing Northland. Poles came out of the […]
16th March 2014

Yard Work

We’ve been doing some more work for Andy, on his boat Baltazar, which is still standing on the yard… One of the first times we met […]
31st July 2014

Havorn in the drydock

On the 31st of July we left New York and headed to Frankfurt with a stopover in Paris. I had decided that I actually wanted to […]
29th May 2015

Varnishing Floor boards.

The days are getting shorter, darker and wetter. Winter has arrived and this year I am not escaping it. Since Daniel’s accident we have been staying […]
23rd November 2015

Boat Work

After 2 years in the water, it was time for Guppy to get a serious manicure done. We hauled her out and worked like crazy for […]
3rd February 2016

Building Masts & Towings Boats Photo’s

Making the feet from the spreaders around the construction for the stays and terminals. Bit by bit, day by day, the pipes are transforming into masts. […]
14th July 2016

Dog Sitting and Boat Jobs

Chantal flew back home to Germany shortly after the end of our road trip. ‘Normal’ life kicked back in for us, finding little jobs to do […]
26th September 2016

Interview BNR radio ( Dutch)

Interview BNR radio (Dutch) https://www.facebook.com/lauradekker.worldsailingfoundation/ https://www.facebook.com/lauradekker.worldsailingfoundation/videos/vb.1380334081994373/1397279046966543/?type=2&theater
15th August 2017

Masts for the Havorn

Another super exciting thing happened last month. Havorn finally became a sailboat! Her masts are stepped! And even though it’s without booms, gafs and only thin […]