Laura 2011 – 2020

16th August 2012

We miss Kiwi

We had good winds yesterday. Last night the wind dropped down, about halfway through the night. Tranquility,the 52-footer, left two days ago also but is taking […]
17th August 2012

Enjoying the nice weather while we can

We don’t have much wind but it is a beautiful sunny day with very fewwaves, which made it possible to cook a nice meal, play some […]
19th August 2012

Halfway between Tahiti & Tonga

We have sailed close hauled for a while, but now the wind is turningback south again and we are making pretty good progress. Last night acouple […]
21st August 2012

It’s getting colder!

We’re still making good progress but the wind dropped down last nightand Guppy has been doing 3 knots ever since. The temperature is slowlydropping and last […]
23rd August 2012

Still have shifty, little wind

Winds have been pretty variable yesterday and today. One moment we’llbe doing 5 knots and then other moments just 2 knots. Over the lastfew hours, it […]
25th August 2012

New Zealand, here we come!

Yesterday I thought we were going to have good winds and then it dropped back down entirely, so I ran the engine for a few hours. […]
27th August 2012

Moving out of the tropics the weather is changing

At the moment, we are doing a good 7 knots and the clouds have takentheir darkness elsewhere, leaving us with a beautiful blue sky and awarm […]
29th August 2012

A whole sea of floating rocks!

We had a pretty slow night, only doing 100 miles in the last 24 hours.The depression seems to be slowly falling apart so it looks like […]
30th August 2012

Cold massive waves

It was a pretty rough night. The winds turned around to west south west, blowing at about 25 knots. We are beating against waves and wind […]