Laura 2011 – 2020

15th July 2014

California and the wild west

From the Redwood forest we kept on heading South, following the coastline. Compared to the temperatures further inland the west-coast was very cold and going for […]
20th July 2014

USA East Coast

The last couple of days before flying to Europe, we stayed with old friends of Daniel. They live in Pennsylvania and have two kids. We spend […]
31st July 2014

Havorn in the drydock

On the 31st of July we left New York and headed to Frankfurt with a stopover in Paris. I had decided that I actually wanted to […]
18th October 2014

Presentations & Family visits

The last 2 months I have been busy with some presentations and visiting family. Time in Europe flew by. I went to Spain where I was […]
5th November 2014

Radio NZ podcast

radio interview, or, or,
27th November 2014

Daily travel podcast interview

Another interview
10th December 2014

USA radio interview

USA radio interview. Starting at 3.50
30th January 2015

Delivery of Anna Rose from Vanuatu to New Zealand

Check out some pictures of our latest sailing adventure Here Excuse me for being so slack with my blog! I just realized that I didn’t even wish […]
8th March 2015

Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate

Well,.. lets see what I can write about this time. I kind of feel like those days at sea, where there was always so much happening, […]