Dolphin Performance

Tradewinds sailing
5th January 2023
Visiting the Cape Verde
15th January 2023

Yesterday, we were surprised by a large group (at least 30) of crazy jumping dolphins! They came over to Guppy and performed some beautiful tricks and jumped all around the entire length of the boat on both port and starboard. They were racing alongside, crossing the bow in many directions, and jumping! They stayed for quite a while, and luckily, almost everyone was up to see it 🙂 Sailing-wise everything is still the same–blue skies, sunshine, good winds, and gentle waves. We have barely seen any clouds at all. Today we started seeing lots of flying fish – none on deck yet, but we are waiting! I think because of the full moon, they can actually see where they are going. The young Guppy crew is getting pretty comfortable onboard and rummaging through the galley quite skillfully, but also sometimes conveniently forgetting tasks, which meant there was no bread for lunch today, so we had to be creative and make something else which turned out good 🙂 Life onboard is all about being flexible, but doing your scheduled tasks and working together as a group are just as important, because everyone’s well-being depends on it, no matter how small or insignificant the tasks may seem at first.