Tradewinds sailing

Calm Seas and Blue Skies
23rd December 2022
Dolphin Performance
7th January 2023

780nm to the Cape Verde. The weather is looking great for a change and we are all very grateful after all the strange weather patterns we have had to conquer. It’s quite a pleasure to be sailing like this–sunny, blue skies, kind waves and the wind is gently blowing us forward. Every now and then, some dolphins pop up next to Guppy, but don’t stay long. They are very small. I haven’t figured out if they are babies or just a very small species– which would be more likely I guess. We are spending the days reading, playing games, doing schoolwork and learning about course setting, knots and navigation. Tim somehow found my acrylic paint set and decided to decorate the underside of the table and his belly…He has now moved back to his watercolor paint and is happily painting away on paper taped up in the cockpit. Alex has seemed to adjust to the rhythm of the sailing, and he is learning how to crawl–which is proving a challenge on a moving boat–but rest assured, he isn’t giving up 🙂 The moon is big and so bright that we can almost read by it’s light. Even though it’s very clear, not many stars can be seen because of such a bright moonlight, but still, it is peacefully magical and it’s also nice to be able to see each other and the boat during the night watches haha. 590nm to go now. We have made good progress and will use as much of this great wind as possible.