Calm Seas and Blue Skies

A Taste of real sailing
21st December 2022
Tradewinds sailing
5th January 2023

After our first bumpy and rainy day at sea the weather got considerably better. we have been enjoying clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and colorful sunrises and sunsets for the past days. Yesterday we had a beautiful day of sailing but sadly today the wind is exhausted again and we had to start the engine, slowly gliding over a mirror like sea. We have been to far away from the Moroccan coast to see it, but even this far off (50nm)there is lots and lots of tiny fishing boats floating around, often without proper light and sometimes even no AIS. So no rest for the people on watch. Onboard everyone is doing well and starting to enjoy the quiet life at sea. Making French toast for lunch, reading and doing schoolwork outside in the sun or simply enjoying the vast expansion of the blue horizon around us.