A Taste of real sailing

Dolphins,tacking, jibing – trip one is underway 💪🏻
16th December 2022
Calm Seas and Blue Skies
23rd December 2022

The weather this year is interesting, instead of the normal steady northerlies along the Portugese coast it seems to be steady southerlies. Which is where we want to go.. A little weather window to head to the canary islands came in sight though so we hoisted our anchor and raised the sails. Dark clouds fly over as we get through the small passage of Ilha del Faro. Not much later the rain is pounding down and Guppy is bashing through the waves. Her bow pointed south. Upwind is not the most pleasant direction to sail in, but we’re under way and are getting a real taste of sailing. Big groups of dolphins come by and play by the bow to wish us a good journey. A few hours later the wind is already turning more favorable but also getting less, so is the rain though and we’re very happy with that. The night is calm, gliding through calm waters and lots of stars above. At some stage we start the engine to keep enough speed and steady guppy a bit. First dinner at sea resulted in something that looked very much like my ravioli disaster 12 years ago. Dinner consisted of pasta with vegetables, but the cleaning of the galley did take some more time then usual haha 😉 Slowly everyone is adjusting to life and the rhythm at sea, the young Guppy crew are doing a great job. Proud of them already for getting things done when they need to and keeping up a great spirit! Today is much better by the way, we have sunshine, calm seas, and are enjoying some quiet time in the cockpit 🙂