Into the endless blue
24th January 2023
We are moving again :)
28th January 2023

The wind has left us alone, the sea has in places turned into a mirror. The sun, standing in a blue, cloudless, .unmoving sky, casts its rays into the depths of the ocean. Big patches of seaweed are floating past and Sander has given up trying to catch fish as we just keep catching seaweed anyway. This morning a marlin was hunting some very big Yellowfin tuna around Guppy, which was pretty impressive to see. They leapt out of the water and fought for their life as they raced around the ocean. We have been hoisting, lowering, and trimming sails almost constantly as we try to take advantage of any little puff of wind that comes by. Today however the wind is completely gone, and so we lowered the sails and are slowly moving forward on the engine, mostly to keep us from rolling around on the leftover northerly swell. Today also marks our halfway point across the Atlantic! To celebrate, the kids made a cake and are planning on making Dutch pancakes for dinner, which we will most likely be eating during another stunning sunset as we have been witnessing for the past few days–and are often the case in calm days like these.