Into the endless blue

Dolphin greetings and fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner
22nd January 2023
27th January 2023

The days seem to go by faster and faster now that everyone has gotten into a good sailing rhythm and are able to enjoy life at sea without feeling sick, tired or being bothered by the movement of Guppy. It’s very normal to feel tired the first days, because the boat is constantly moving, and even if you just sit still, your body is constantly moving and adjusting to these movements–and then, of course, on top of that there are all the duties and watches to perform. This is the reason why I really like long distance sailing; it gives the body time to adjust to the movement and rhythm of the ocean, but it also gives the soul and mind time to rest, to float into a thinking space and simply process. The weather has been kind. The skies are blue and the ocean is sparkling in the sun as Guppy pushes her bow through the waves, mile after mile, carrying us ever closer to our next destination. The flying fish seem to have taken a particular liking to scaring Mila and Insa on night watch, as they have almost every night been hit by some flying fish, whereas the rest of just see them from a distance. We have been keeping busy reading, talking, playing games, plotting our route and course, and doing schoolwork. We are all looking forward to tonight’s dinner as Ollie is going to make our favorite Thai food again. Yum!!