Dolphin greetings and fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner

Underwater Stars
20th January 2023
Into the endless blue
24th January 2023

The waves have decided to calm themselves down a bit, which has made life onboard a lot more comfortable, as we are now mostly just gently rolling even further along to our next destination. The weather has been stunning–blue skies, a fresh breeze and amazing starry nights. A few times some clouds have formed, but then disappear again as quickly as they came. Yesterday, a group of very happy dolphins came over to greet Guppy and give a little performance for it’s crew. Flying fish continue to shoot around the boat,and Tim has gotten back into his duty to throw the stranded ones off the deck in the morning. 9 flying fish and 1 squid had made it’s way onto the deck without being noticed last night. One flying fish flew through the companionway onto the stairs and was put back into the water during a night watch. Furthermore, I caught a Mahi Mahi yesterday! Well, I reeled it in anyway–and left the dirty work to Sander. I wouldn’t even have reeled it in, but I thought I was just reeling in a big piece of seaweed that got stuck on the hook again. To our surprise, there wasn’t only seaweed, but also a big fish! Sander did a great job of cleaning and marinating it, and so we enjoyed Neptune’s gift for dinner yesterday. We all agreed it was delicious! Today, preparations for making mosquito nets for under the hatches got underway, as Suriname will be the first place we go where we will really need them! On the river with no fresh Caribbean breeze to ward them off, I am sure there will be plenty, so we are making sure to keep them out 🙂