Underwater Stars

Sao Nicolau Island Tour
16th January 2023
Dolphin greetings and fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner
22nd January 2023

The start of our Atlantic Crossing has been a little bit rolly, but we have made good progress, and it’s sunny and pleasant. 
In the past 24 hours, we have sailed a little over 160nm. Lots of flying fish are jumping around and sometimes they make their way onboard Guppy. It’s new moon again, so the nights are dark but clear. Without the light pollution from land or the moon, we are rewarded by a beautiful starry night. We even saw the milky way quite clearly and also sailed through big patches of phosphorescence. It’s quite stunning; a big trail of green blobs and dots formed behind the boat, and at some stage, there was so much that it seemed like there were underwater stars all around the boat, lighting up and floating by. It was a magical sight, especially combined with the bright, starry sky above. The Guppy crew have adjusted very well already to the start of the crossing and even made vegetable lasagne last night, despite the rolling!