We are moving again :)

27th January 2023
Sunday, Pizza night
30th January 2023

The wind is still minimal, but we have re-hoisted the sails and are moving forward again under wind power :). Most of yesterday we floated around in a completely calm ocean. Even the seaweed, which is plentiful, did not pass Guppy. At some stage we noticed some nice fish swimming around Guppy. I had been watching them for a little while already when Sander threw in the fishing line and lure (more as a joke), but all the fish went crazy for it and we quickly ended up with 4 fish, which Oliver, Ronja and Sander got onboard and filleted. We then put them in the freezer and forgot to take them out for dinner last night. So we have fresh fish for dinner tonight =D In the bigger seaweed patches, I noticed little crabs and other small forms of sea life. It was even calm enough to hang the laundry out to dry over the railing! This morning we got our first little squall, not much wind in it, but there was some rain. Today has been a humid day, and everyone is mostly just hanging around in the cockpit, but there are some brave ones attempting to do schoolwork in the heat and humidity, which is brought to us by the rain and clouds. The little bit of wind that we have today is from behind, so not even that can give some solstice from the heat. Nevertheless, we are getting closer everyday and everyone is in good spirits, fully soaking in anything that life at sea can give you, which in this case is calms and heat haha 🙂