Sunday, Pizza night

We are moving again :)
28th January 2023
Massive Jumping Tunas
1st February 2023

It feels like the trade winds have found us again, blowing away some of the heat, although the air is still humid. 
More importantly, the wind is blowing Guppy forward at much better speeds. Of course, with wind comes waves, and we are back to rolling around a bit again, but at this stage, no one seems to care much anymore. Sunday on Guppy is big cleaning day, getting into all those spaces that don’t get done with the daily cleaning 😉 …and it takes up a big part of the day. As a reward, however, Sunday is also pizza night, very yummy homemade pizzas that Sander and Ollie always put a lot of effort into making. Everyone is able to choose their toppings. As we started the passage, it was a new moon, which means dark nights lit up by millions of stars. Now the moon is starting to grow and glow on us again, but many of the nights now are also lined by clouds. Sometimes big heavy rain drops will fall, but they evaporate almost instantly, and it hasn’t been so much to even bother and put on a rain jacket. Today we crossed 45 degrees west, and so we moved back another hour in time. We haven’t caught any more fish but haven’t really tried either. The mosquito nets for the hatches are completed! Alex is popping through two fresh teeth and is letting us know about it! He is also sitting up very well by now and pulling himself up into standing position and then maneuvering himself around, which is pretty remarkable at 7 months old–and not to forget, on a moving ship that is crossing an ocean!