Massive Jumping Tunas

Sunday, Pizza night
30th January 2023
The In’s and Outs of Squalls
3rd February 2023

The squalls have finally closed in on us, giving us some good rain, mostly towards the end of the day after dinner. It also causes the winds to be up and down and shifty, we have already had to gybe a few times, so the teens know how to this well now and are a great help, even finding the right lines in the dark is going smooth now 🙂 Yesterday we saw a sailboat, far away heading north and a big tanker heading across the ocean in the opposite way. There are some ocean birds accompanying Guppy every now and then and little pods of jumpy dolphins that cross our bow while they are on hunting expeditions. The most remarkable sighting is the big tunas that keep leaping out of the water. A few days ago while we floated in the calm,we saw tunas being hunted by a Marlin, and every now and then, a very big specimen of tuna will just leap all the way out of the water and then disappear–at least 1.5 meters in size! Today we had the biggest squall, not much wind but rain, lots of it! and it just kept coming down and down. So much so that we all got to have a wonderfull fresh water shower, washed our hair, scrubbed the decks and cleaned the cockpit. Very refreshing after being hot and sticky for days. Meanwhile, we are also getting closer to land, only 260nm to go to Paramaribo and the start of our Caribbean adventures!