The In’s and Outs of Squalls

Massive Jumping Tunas
1st February 2023
Welcome to the Jungle
6th February 2023

The past two days, we have been sailing in and out of squalls. After our first big rain shower, the rain didn’t stop. It rained for hours and hours, until the point that most of the crew started becoming less excited about it–even though it did drive away the heat. The night watches became a lot more eventful as the squalls came and went, bringing shifty winds, no wind, lots of wind and everything in between. I have lost track of how many sail changes we have gone through by now 😛  but regardless, we are now only 15 miles from the river entrance! No land in sight yet, as it’s very hazy. No rain though! Sun and a nice breeze from the back have helped make a peaceful last few miles of this Atlantic crossing. Last night, we enjoyed a very well-made lasagna prepared by Insa and Sayaka, which after all the hard work and rain, was very yummy and welcomed by all. Once we get to the Suriname River entrance, it’s still a good 30nm (6hrs of motoring) to get to our final destination at Marina Waterland. So we may anchor at the entrance and officially finish our Atlantic crossing tomorrow by daylight–depending on tide 🙂