Welcome to the Jungle

The In’s and Outs of Squalls
3rd February 2023
Waking up to howlers monkeys, and other jungle adventures.
11th February 2023

Another successful Atlantic crossing has brought us into the jungles of Suriname, where pink river dolphins greeted us and howler monkeys howl at night. The crossing had many faces, anything between 0 and 40knots of wind, rain, hot sun and humid days. We caught fish, watched amazing sunsets and sunrises. Learned about the stars and made many sail changes. This is the end of trip 1 of our Atlantic Roundtrip 22/23 but we are looking forward to many more adventures as we sail into the Caribbean islands on trip 2 and trip 3. Interested in joining on these adventures? You can still sign up. Just send us an e-mail at lauradekkerworldsailing@gmail.com