Bye-bye land of the whales and green hills

Visiting a race boat & hiking on Faial.
18th April 2022
Calm seas & dolphins tales
24th April 2022

We are back at sea again and on our way to the English channel. Yesterday was a beautiful day as we sailed past some of the other islands and a nice breeze on our stern. waterfalls plunging into the sea all along the coast as we rounded the tip of Sao Jorge. After Ilha Terceira, we needed to head up a bit and there is no more shelter from the islands as the waves grow bigger and start splashing over Guppy once again – but we did get accompanied by dolphins for a while =D The first two days are looking a bit rough, with good winds with its associated waves from the side which makes life a little rolly, and wet haha. It’s supposed to get calmer by tomorrow though and we’ve been making good progress which is always nice.