Bermuda here we come

Fast sailing, 204nm in 24hours!
24th March 2022
Bermuda Arrival
28th March 2022

The wind has continued to be kind to us. It slowly turned to downwind and by now we have gybed. Sailing wing on wing with the mainsail on starboard. The days are sunny and warm and we’ve only had a few rain squalls during the nights. By now I think everyone’s stomach has synced with Guppy’s sea dance, I’ve seen more and more books, kindles, games, and even some schoolwork come outside 🙂 Sadly Sander hasn’t managed to catch any fish yet – I think we’re too fast… but Guppy has done well in catching a few big specimens of flying fish. We choose to have quiche and tortilla wraps for dinner instead and yesterday we shared a nice bit of dark Tres Hombres Chocolate to celebrate passing our halfway mark to Bermuda. 320nm to go.