Bermuda Arrival

Bermuda here we come
26th March 2022
Crystal Caves
1st April 2022

Yesterday evening as we were enjoying our pasta casserole dinner in the cockpit the sky on the horizon turned steadily darker and the cockpit became gradually more empty. With people scuttling off inside to do chores or go to bed ‘’early’’ except for those on watch of course as they needed to be outside. The front came with heavy rain and a bit of lightning but it luckily passed over quickly. The rest of the night stayed a bit patchy with varying winds and some more rain squalls but Guppy maintained a good speed and by the morning of the 28th we saw a faint line of land on the horizon which grew steadily bigger as the sun rose, shooting beautiful sunbeams through the scattered leftover clouds from the night. As we approached the channel entrance we spotted two whales hovering on the surface close to our port bow. A beautiful sight, made even better as we were in relatively shallow (20meters) and very crystal blue water. I realised again how cool it is to arrive in new places, I have never actually been to Bermuda before and shared the full wonder and joy of the students as we sailed past this new coastline. The entrance to St.George’s harbour is quite narrow but fairly easy as it’s well buoyed and has little current. We had to moor at Ordnance Island to deal with Customs and Immigration which went quite smoothly, they were in fact very friendly and we felt really welcome. The health check-ups took a fair bit longer but we all got through it well and are now anchored peacefully in the harbour, ready for a full night’s sleep before exploring the island. 


The weather is about to change, with some crazy and cool wind feathers up there.
Entrance to St.George’s harbour
At the arrival customs dock – Ordnance Isl.