The wind can’t make up its mind and a rain flattened sea

From the perfect blue to 50 shades of grey.
3rd April 2022
On top of the world
6th April 2022

So far our days have been alternating between dry, sunny, and lovely or lots and lots of rain. We had a lovely quiet day yesterday with the sun, blue sky, and waves that behaved themselves 🙂 A perfect day for our Sunday cleaning. To top it off we saw several whale spouts on the horizon and ate homemade pizza. Today has been quite a different day. The wind has by now made a complete 360 around us but it’s been up and down a lot between squalls. That’s until the squalls stopped and it just started to pour down permanently… Just when I thought it couldn’t rain harder it did of course. And even though it is quiet and wet I do love how the sea looks when it rains so hard. The waves get flattened while a mist of rain flies over the greyish blue sea. We’ve also been making fairly good progress and are almost at 1/3 of this voyage. So even if it’s a rainy day again we can be cozy and warm inside and today some dolphins cheered us up by giving a great performance, jumping up high and speed swimming under and around Guppy.