From the perfect blue to 50 shades of grey.

Crystal Caves
1st April 2022
The wind can’t make up its mind and a rain flattened sea
4th April 2022

We’ve left the crystal clear blue waters of Bermuda and are now officially on our way back to Europe with the Azores as our next stop. As we left the weather was perfect, blue skies, blue water, and a perfect wind blowing us a good way in the right direction. During the night the weather started to change though as we had expected. The sky grew grey with a mixture of waves throwing us around a bit. We’ve been going through a few sail changes already and even our foul weather gear is in full use – mostly for the rain though 🙂 We have some real sailing ahead and even though some of our stomachs are still getting used to the messy waves, we are all really excited about this voyage which is full of amazing cloud formations, sea life ( we’ve seen a lot of Portuguese Man o’ war already) different ways of sailing and of course the beautiful Azores at the end.