Indian River & creating animals of Palm Leaves

Into the rainforest of Dominica
9th March 2022
Fort Shirley / Cabrits National Park
18th March 2022

Dominica wouldn’t be so lush and green if it wouldn’t rain so much, luckily for us tho it seems to rain most in the mornings which is when our students have to do schoolwork. 📚 Most afternoons give us some longer periods of sunshine to do further exploring. Yesterday we went up the Indian river. An Amazon like river with palms and mangroves which has also been used as a film location for the pirates of the Caribbean. Along the river we saw huge crabs 🦀 rare birds and beautiful trees. At the end of the day we learned how to fold different animals out of palm fonts. 🌴

Mornings, means time for schoolwork – Tim is looking at the weather for our next passage 😉
On our way to the Indian River
On the Indian River
The house of Calipso, film set in the second pirates of the carribean movie – dead man’s chest.
Walk through nature, our guide is telling us about the vegetation,