The Green Flash

Guppy in the Carribean
17th February 2023
Going on an adventure
23rd March 2023

A look at the weather forecast is telling us it’s time to leave Martinique and start heading to St.Martin. A very unusual weather pattern is forming this week, bringing very shifty winds, light winds and even westerlies, which is very uncommon in the Caribbean. But right now we have very nice weather and a great wind for the 250nm we will sail North. The sky is blue and we are racing along on a nice breeze past Martinique, Dominca and Guadeloupe. When we pass Montserrat a very rotten egg smell is telling us the volcano is still very active. We are also able to see the old Lava streams and Ash that covers a big part of the Island. We enjoy dinner while in the shelter of the island and for the first time we see the green flash at sunset! Sander and I always look for it but up until now we had never seen it in real life, really cool! And to make it even better we had a pod of dolphins that happily jumped past as the last colours of the day faded away into the night. A bright night, the full moon is shining on the islands around us and throwing a beautiful glitter onto the sea. The wind is already getting lighter but Guppy is still rushing along at 7knots. The morning brought a few light rain showers, but it cleared up quickly and a hot sun is already on top of us again as we enter into the Bay of Marigot, dropping our anchor in 5m of crystal blue water. Time for a swim! 


Sailing past Montserrat, you can see the smoke on the background and we could smell it very well!
Baking Cookies =D
Full moon sailing 🙂
Dolphins at sunset