21st June 2011

Plans change, went hiking instead

As often happens my plans for the day ended up to nothing. I posponed my second bicycle tour around the island because early this morning American […]
20th June 2011

Biked around the island

For morning exercise I cycled all around the island very early this morning. This went a lot easier than I expected because the main road that […]
19th June 2011

Deep Anchor grounds

After a calm night at the mooring-buoy, today I went exploring the island. I cycled to several bays on my bike and I did some shopping […]
18th June 2011

Arrived in Bora Bora

After a windless crossing of 30 hours I arrived in Bora Bora. As it often is with atoll islands, I first had to sail around the […]
17th June 2011

There’s more Islands to explore

Although there was not much wind, I had the travel-jitters again so I decided to head for the Leeward Islands. Too bad this means I have […]
16th June 2011

Boat BBQ

I was actually planning to sail to the Huahine atoll but the ocean is just flat as a mirror! And the weather forecast for the coming […]
15th June 2011

Feeding Stingrays & fixing my mainsail on a megayacht

I was up late this morning because last night I tried to upload pictures to the website for several hours, unfortunately without any success! I was […]
14th June 2011

I’m really bad at baking..

Actually today I wanted to explore the island but early this morning it was already sweltering hot that I did not feel like going. From Guppy […]
13th June 2011


Anchors up and heading for Moorea. First, I had to sail through a narrow passage between reefs and breaking waves very close on both sides.. Then […]
12th June 2011

Checking engines, doing laundry & getting Groceries

Even though Guppy is very satisfied with her anchorage in the crystal clear and calm waters of Tahiti, I am planning to sail the 20 nautical […]
11th June 2011

Customs & Immigration..

After two days spent running around I moved to a slower pace, and now I have to do all of the everyday things that need to […]
10th June 2011

Drove all around the island ( it’s bigger then it looks )

We’ve had an awesome day!! Because the stranded sailor we went to the waterfall with yesterday is away for two weeks, we could borrow his car. […]
10th June 2011

Picture’s from the past weeks

9th June 2011

Hidden valleys and waterfalls

Up to now I have met many new people again, and one of them is a stranded sailor who has to work to earn some money […]
8th June 2011

old & new friends

After an exciting passage between two reefs with many lights and buoys I was neatly moored, exactly at midnight. When I woke up in the morning, […]
7th June 2011

Nightly arrival into Tahiti

Going outside without getting wet has become really impossible now! Obviously, Guppy enjoys practicing to be a submarine once more… but not for long since Tahiti […]
6th June 2011

From no wind to 30kn!

While I was running along by the remaining atolls, the wind slowly began to pick up to a speed of about 30 knots [55 kilometres or […]
5th June 2011

Spotted the first Atoll!

Another hot and windless day, and I kept looking to the point on the horizon where land should be … my first atoll. And I still […]
4th June 2011

Ugh little wind and stone bread..

This morning I first tried to make something with my stock of now rock-hard baguettes. Unfortunately I did not succeed, so right now I turned to […]
3rd June 2011

Huge dolphin or a small whale?!

Because of all the many teasing from hazes and squalls, I have been busy all day adjusting the sails. Unlike yesterday, the sky is clear again […]
2nd June 2011

Drizzle and no wind..

As soon as the very last “Have a safe trip” was called out to me from other yachts, Guppy and I had already disappeared behind a […]
1st June 2011

Raising the anchor again

Even though Hiva’Oa and all of its so very kind people are real beautiful, Guppy and I have travel urges again.. There is nothing that will […]
31st May 2011

First home made bread!

Unfortunately, the beautiful sunny day is over and the weather is back to normal which means rain and no winds! However it makes it a nice […]
29th May 2011

Surprise welcome ceremony

Without letting me in on it, people here organized the welcome party that they couldn’t give me for my arrival. With a girlfriend from another yacht, […]
28th May 2011

Photo’s from the crossing

28th May 2011

Hiva Oa, friendly people and amazing landscapes!

Since mooring I have had a life full of new experiences and I have been busy with many things to do, and I really feel like […]
26th May 2011

Arrived in Hiva Oa

Guppy is now lying at anchor in a quiet bay near Atuona, and I did the crossing in 17 days and 22 hours! This is the […]
25th May 2011

Strange being so close to lang again

Yesterday the squalls have kept me busy for quite a while but they tired down in the evening, just like me. And after a few more […]
24th May 2011

yay, rain :D

Yes, I took another shower this morning and it was a freshwater shower! Early this morning two forceful squalls hit. Of course Mother Nature sent some […]
23rd May 2011

Only 350nm to go

Woeshh! I took a shower once again! During my check around, a wave took the opportunity to take me to graze unto the foredeck. Thank you, […]
22nd May 2011

A good day to practice my astro navigation skills

Another beautiful and sunny morning, and there is really no cloud in sight! Guppy is surrounded by dark blue, light blue and even more variations of […]
21st May 2011

Why is the wind dropping :(

At the time when most people in Europe are having supper, I just wake-up from my latest nap. The wind again chose to go for the […]
20th May 2011

Cooking onboard

Because of the atmospheric conditions, the daily short wave radio hour is now held at about 5 AM local time which mixes up my whole morning […]
19th May 2011


Last night I have seen my very first moonrise at sea! I was outside to do my usual round when I noticed a yellowish shimmer on […]
18th May 2011

Some night are just not so great..

Toiing-Flap-bling!… There are two wind directions I really can’t stand: strong winds coming from straight ahead, and little winds coming directly from astern. And so, winds […]
17th May 2011

Oh how I love to open space on the ocean.

My foot is healing very well, thank you all for the many good advices. I think I won’t have to walk like a flamingo any more […]
16th May 2011

Balancing on one foot isn’t easy.

I have now learned that one leg hopping in a kind of non-stop fairground ride is much harder than I actually thought, and I am afraid […]
15th May 2011

Wounded my foot!

Blang!… My intuition that rightly recognizes every single noise on the boat woke me up. There was a new unknowned noise. Clang, clang, pff… I had […]
14th May 2011

Contact with other yachties – the SSB radio

Beep…Crackle…Hiss…The sailors’ daily radio network on the short wave radio has started again, and out of the squeaky English that comes from the black box in […]
13th May 2011

New daily record 194nm!

Hup, Guppy, Hup! You are the best! Yeah! I established a new record: 194 nautical miles [359 kilometres or 223 land miles] in a day’s run. […]
12th May 2011

Sailing at 8knots average!

Gee whiz! Guppy has got hot peppers up her tushy and it is the same with the wind!! For the last while the wind has picked […]
11th May 2011

Feeling great!

This morning the birds flew away. I guess they are now well equipped for their next leg… And so I am alone again but for the […]
10th May 2011

Hitchhiking insects

A high and long swell is rolling under Guppy and washes over her sometimes… then we both I and everything that lies in the cockpit get […]
9th May 2011

Bird visits

Today started smoothly with some chatting to other yacht crews via short wave radio. While I was busy throwing flying fishes and squids off the deck, […]
8th May 2011

3000nm in all shades of blue and a hint of red ;)

I said Hello and Goodbye for the umpteenth time. I set sail for the umpteenth time to bring Guppy towards the next unknown island. But for […]
7th May 2011

Leaving tomorrow for the Marquesas

I am hoisting my anchor in a few hours, Guppy and I will sail the longest sea crossing of our whole trip. As always one day […]
5th May 2011

Isla Isabella

I am just back from Isla Isabela. It really was very beautiful. There is a small village with only dirt roads, a few houses, restaurants and […]
3rd May 2011

One year ago Guppy was Launched and Baptized

Exactly one year ago, Guppy was launched, and I sailed the first meters with her. Now one year later, she is berthed in the Galápagos having […]
2nd May 2011

Diving in the Galapagos

Yesterday I decided to spend a quiet day after all the latest hustle and bustle. I went back to Las Grietas to cliff dive again. I […]
30th April 2011

Las Grietas

After a slow start, I still had very much done today. I went back to Las Grietas to cliff dive again. I could not resist… I […]
29th April 2011

Rocky and Roly anchorage

Another crazy day! Guppy is rolling back and forth at anchorage (well, that’s what boats do…) while I am exploring the island. Today I have been […]
28th April 2011

Santa Cruz Isl – Galapagos

Once again, my beloved ‘sea-rhythm’ is interrupted by the stresses of life ashore. Unlike all the other places I have been to, the official duties – […]
26th April 2011

Crossing the Equator

Ha! I killed two birds with one stone… huh, with one blog. I found the Galápagos Islands AND the Equator. It was dark closing in to […]
25th April 2011

Almost in the Southern Hemisphere

Only 50 more miles [93 kilometres; 58 land miles] and then I leave behind me the northern hemisphere. After expecting calm winds as is usual in […]
24th April 2011

Yay, RAIN!

A good side wind still fills my sails. I expect to cross the equator between tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow. By short-wave and VHF-radio […]
23rd April 2011

Found some more yachts out there.

Last night the wind lacked courage but came back with the first daylight. Guppy is now blowing forward at a speed of about 6 knots [11 […]
22nd April 2011

Finally some wind!

Wind! After running on the engine all night again, finally some wind came and since this morning we are moving under sails. With a good wind […]
21st April 2011

Hit a treetrunk

Unlike yesterday there was no wind at all last night and so to the noise of the engine, Guppy softly slid over the moonlit sea at […]
20th April 2011

Galapagos here we come

Last night Guppy made very good progress. I have had wind so I travelled 140 nautical miles or so since I left [259 kilometres or 161 […]
19th April 2011

Las Perlas Islands

The Pacific Ocean is great! On my trip to the Las Perlas Islands I saw dolphins, a jumping ray, a shark and a whale! I have […]
16th April 2011

Preparations to sail into the pacific

I am very busy with preparations for the Pacific Ocean. Shopping for provisions, stowing away the MiniCat and cleaning the boat. After the passage through the […]
13th April 2011

We’re in the pacific! :D

The passage through the Panama Canal was great. Especially the Gatun Lake was very beautiful. Along with one of the line handlers (that I am good […]
12th April 2011

Photo’s of Guppy’s Panama Canal Crossing

Here are a few pictures of the Panama Canal. Please also see my Dutch weblog or for other pictures. It was really a great experience […]
8th April 2011

The Panama Canal

The Rib Barbecue in Shelter Bay Marina yesterday night was fun and the ribs were really delicious! So I ate with a big-strong appetite. Two more […]
5th April 2011

As Line handler through the canal before doing it myself

I am back! Sorry to be a few days late. But I am experiencing so much all the time! Today I will sail as a line […]
1st April 2011

Biking in Panama – Fort Lorenzo

Yesterday I went cycling with some friends from another yacht. We went to Fort Lorenzo National Park, a 10 kilometer uphill and downhill ride on a […]
30th March 2011

Arrived in Panama & some picture’s of the last weeks.

After a night crossing from San Blas Islands to Shelter Bay in Panama, the adrenaline rose to my head. The crossing was great with only a […]
26th March 2011

Kuna Indians – the native people of the San Blas

Today the three boats I was with for the past days are setting sail. Probably I will meet many of them again in Panama. A lot […]
24th March 2011

New friends and Island adventures

Finally, it is a little dryer here. For the past two days it has hardly rained. At the party for all the yacht crews I met […]
22nd March 2011

Finally sun again

It is really beautiful here. Finally, the sun is back from its vacation, making the scenery even more beautiful. At sunlight, and you see all those […]
19th March 2011

Little Islands with Palmtrees

This morning the strong winds had not stopped blowing and unfortunately the sun also did not show up. I had hoped that the wind would decrease, […]
18th March 2011

Lots of wind and salt.

After a night with strong winds everything – really everything! – became salty. My bed, the floor, the cockpit and the cushion I sit on all […]
17th March 2011

Record of dead flying fishes on deck

Today I had a record-breaking number of flying fishes, six in the cockpit and five on the deck! And I rescued two of them last night. […]
16th March 2011

Back at sea and so happy!

After more than a month ashore, Guppy and I are on Route again. Both Guppy and I enjoy this. A nice wind from astern is blowing […]
14th March 2011

Working together with Minicat

Not long ago, I wrote that I sailed with an inflatable mini-catamaran with my sister. Due to some coincidences, I will be the owner of my […]
11th March 2011

Maybe I really should get rid of my cockroaches now

I am home again. I flew back on Wednesday morning and I arrived in Bonaire in the evening. Once inside the cabin, I threw my stuff […]
8th March 2011

Heading back home to Guppy

My time in the Netherlands is almost over. It was fun to be back here again. I found it nice to tell about my journey while […]
4th March 2011

Culture shock, traffics jams, skyscrapers, people ( lots of them!)

The first days at the HISWA [HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show] are behind me now. The first day was quite stressful but very nice though. It was […]
28th February 2011

Heading into the cold

On February 27th, I arrived in the Netherlands, and ever since I have been very busy. But now I have some time to keep my website […]
24th February 2011

Minicat Sailing with my Sister! :D

Today my sister Kim flyes back home. But before, we will go kayaking in the mangroves one more time. She will fly back tonight so I […]
21st February 2011

Media and Naysayers.

I am feeling completely well again. The bump on my head is a lot smaller and my back is fine. Today I went biking but it […]
18th February 2011

Car accident

I have found out that it is safer being at sea than being on land.Tuesday, I went biking along with my grandparents and some friends. However […]
14th February 2011


HISWA Most of you will already have read it in the media. I will be back in the Netherlands for the HISWA [ HISWA Amsterdam Boat […]
13th February 2011

Writing a book

For the past three days, I have been working hard on my book about my journey with someone from the Netherlands, who has provided a bit […]
10th February 2011

New Friends & flamingos

After the press conference on Tuesday, some press people came over too late for me, well too bad. But now I have some peace and quiet […]
8th February 2011

Spring clean :)

Now I am at berth again for some time. Well, after passing the Panama Canal it will be a change from being ashore a long time […]
5th February 2011

Arrived in Bonaire

Today I have been admonishing Guppy all day long not to go so fast because I wanted to enter port in daylight. Since all that did […]
4th February 2011

Ravioli, everywhere ( except in the pan)

Really going forward, Guppy is superfast. Since I left Dominica there has not even fallen a single drop of rain, the clouds have stayed in Dominica […]
3rd February 2011

Bird poo, everywhere!

Since yesterday evening, I have better winds and I am going at a speed of 6,5 knots (ca. 12 kilometres per hour). Also yesterday in the […]
2nd February 2011

Next destination: Bonaire

I am back sailing again, but unfortunately there is less wind than I expected (5 knots or 9 kilometres/hour), but at least I am moving forward… […]
1st February 2011

More Dutch Yachts

Today I decided to set sail for Bonaire tomorrow morning. It will take about three and a half days of sailing, and I hope it won’t […]
30th January 2011

Pancakes and Dutch country music

Today I am the only Dutch boat left in the bay. But the day before yesterday, another Dutch boat with two young children came in, they […]
29th January 2011

So Lush and Green!

Yesterday I went over the island with the crew from the other Dutch yachts. This island is really beautiful, incredibly green. We walked past waterfalls and […]
28th January 2011

Lesson learned: Don’t tie a dinghy onto the foredeck..

As you know I have been in Dominica since the day before yesterday. The route to here has been quite tough. Although it is a short […]
26th January 2011

Heading to Dominica

Today I will be out saling. This time it will be a short trip of 20 nautical miles [37 kilometres;23 land miles] to Portsmouth on the […]
24th January 2011

Some Island explorations

After a quiet breakfast eating an egg in the cockpit and having done my schoolwork, I went ashore. From the day before yesterday, when I was […]
23rd January 2011

Rain, lots of it!

Today I stayed on the boat. Yesterday I went ashore to clear customs. This is very easy here. You go to the office and then they […]
22nd January 2011

Caught a fishing buoy around my rudder..

Since yesterday afternoon I am laying at anchor in Îsles des Saintes, a small French group of islands between Guadeloupe and Dominica. It is a beautiful […]
20th January 2011

6kn, Guppy’s nose headed South.

I am on Route again and this time I am heading for Îles des Saintes. It is just great weather for sailing. I have a nice […]
17th January 2011

Heading for Iles des Saintes

Yesterday, I decided to sail the sea again. I feel have been long enough ashore and now I am yearning to sail again. On Thursday, I […]