Down the river

Waking up to howlers monkeys, and other jungle adventures.
11th February 2023
Guppy in the Carribean
17th February 2023

We waited for the tide to turn and help us flush down the river and out to sea – a good 30nm from Marina Resort Waterland. I like going down the river, it’s peaceful, we got to sail at least half of it and listened to the jungle sounds coming out of the dense trees around us. Slowly the trees got less and we saw open ocean in front of us again. The young Guppy crew was smart and pre-made dinner on the way out of the river so they didn’t have to do it while getting out to sea in the choppy waves. Yesterday we had beautiful weather, blue skies and a hot sun – today however we are being pestered by squalls, making it gusty and we’re doing lots of sail changes again. We have also been passing a lot of oil or gas platforms. I can’t tell, they look very different from the North Sea rigs, but it’s just as busy with ships going to and fro. A few dolphins came to say hi, and lots of flying fish again, no-one got attacked so far 😉