Atlantic Roundtrip


Atlantic route

Age group: 13 -17 year old
Maximum Students: 12
Duration: 4-6 Months
Country: unlimited

Starts in Southern Europe, towards Canary Islands - Cape Verde Islands - Atlantic crossing towards southern Caribbean, then heading up north along the islands before crossing Atlantic again stopping at the Azores before finishing back in Southern Europe.

This route will be reserved for 13-17 year olds and can only be joined as a full journey as the possibilities of leaving and coming of students along this route is more complicated - of course schooling being provided on this trip is a must.

It's a great route as we follow the trade winds in the Atlantic and discover places all very different from each other. The two long stretches across the Atlantic will provide for a great opportunity to test, determination and team-work.

While sailing the focus shall lay primarily on building life skills and character that can be learned through sailing. Students will be involved in all aspects of the trip - preparation, cooking, maintenance, navigation, watches, sails, provisioning etc. Through the trip we wish to achieve some core life skills, like team work, responsibility, self confidence, determination, discipline, become aware of our environment & experience the pleasure of simplicity.

Of course they will also learn about life at sea (i.e. sail handling, ropes, navigation (celestial and modern), understanding the weather, maintenance (rope work, woodwork, engine…)

However our main focus is building confidence, determination, team work and responsibility as these are very important things in life.


Education Goals 

What we aim to give the students that sail with us.

  • Build self confidence
  • Respect for others, realise everyone is different and that's ok.
  • Experiencing the need for teamwork and a good work ethic
  • A sense of community
  • Learn how to use modern technology in a sensible way, as a helpful tool rather than a necessity.
  • Developing problem solving and leadership skills
  • Take responsibility for their own actions and decisions
  • Developing social and life skills
  • Learn about our environment and how to take care of it.
  • Learning sailing and navigation skills
  • Encouragement to lifelong learning
  • Experience the pleasure of simplicity ( how less can be more)
  • How to achieve their own dreams & goals.

Life is a journey, not a destination