Entering Paradise :)

Minicat sailing :)
14th January 2021
Another day in paradise
19th January 2021

I radioed the port frequently to see if our test results had come in, on the 15th a positive reply came back and all we had to do now, was go back to the commercial port to pick up the paperwork. But as it was already late we couldn’t make it anymore that day before they would leave. Anyhow they gave us permission to go ashore if we wanted to already. We have been staring at a perfectly white beach with crystal clear turquoise blue water and palm trees for three days, so Yes! of course we wanted to go ashore, we all jumped in the dinghy and headed to the beach. As we all run over the beach the sun is slowly setting behind Guppy who is peacefully lying at anchor in the bay. We walk a little ways into town but like many places in the world nowadays most shops and restaurants are closed in the evening and from a few local people we hear that there is also a night clock which means everyone has to be inside by 9pm. Back on board we make a big pot of pasta and settle down for a movie. The following day after picking up our paperwork we head over to two wrecks that are very nice for snorkeling. The wrecks which are fairly big aren’t deep and there are lots of fish and beautiful corals which have made their home on it. We spend most of the morning there and head back onboard to have lunch which consists of pancakes. Today Annabelle has to go back home and there is a very sad mood onboard. Everyone writes some notes or makes drawings for her to open in the plane home to Germany. After more plans are made for reunions we all go to the beach together and make one last picture with the Polaroid camera that Babs has brought.  After more than 20 minutes of cuddles and tears I finally have to call Annabelle that we really need to go to the airport. It’s near dark when I come back on the beach and I watch as the dinghy with Sander and Tim comes closer, Tim happily waving and yelling “mama mama!” as he recognizes me on the beach. Back on Guppy everyone is still a bit sad but the tasks are done and dinner is being made. It’s really touching to see how close they have all become, that friendships for life are made. And yes it’s part of life that people come and go, that eventually the group of friends goes and follows their own path in life. But the memories that are made will stay forever and they will always bond this group together no matter where life takes them from here on.


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